Warehouse Organization and Mezzanine Floors

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Understandably, inventory can get out of control in your warehouse at any time. Whether it is from a seasonal fluctuation in goods, over buying, or just simply growth in your organization, warehouse overcrowding is not always a bad thing, but it will always bring bad results.  They can lead to a unfavorable warehouse environment, causing poor habits and putting your company in the red…

How Does an Overcrowded or Unorganized Warehouse Affect Your Business?

Loss in Efficiency

Warehouse MezzanineGenerally, having a cluttered warehouse reduces the overall traffic that may safely travel through an area. Thus, moving product from one point in the warehouse to another becomes a much more complex and wasteful task. Eventually, your warehouse can get bogged down… Moving one set of inventory to get to another set of inventory, then you have to replace the initial set of inventory where it was in order to not block a third set of inventory… You get the idea. This type of clutter and unorganization will do nothing but add time to your work processes, losing you money. 

Warehouse Perception

On top of all these inefficiencies a cluttered warehouse can bring to light some pretty serious red flags to visitors and employees alike.  When a potential client or customer comes into your warehouse, there is one thing that they want to see more than anything else, dependability. They want to be assured that you will be able to deliver on your promise to them 100%, and if your warehouse does not inspire that type of confidence, you might as well be throwing money out the window. Plus, the employees who have to work in this warehouse day in and day out may see an overcrowded warehouse and assume that their supervisor either is: A. not worried about their work environment, or B. simply letting the warehouse get out of hand. Neither situation will inspire much confidence. And ultimately, a well-organized warehouse, with plenty of room, allows for an overall smoother and safer operation for all.

How can a Mezzanine Floor System Help?

Large Mezzanine

Drastic Increase in Floor Space

At a certain point, even the most organized and well put together warehouse can reach its breaking point. You can only add so much inventory until you need to expand in one way or another.  For some companies, they look to add on to their current warehouse. However, stick built construction can put a halt on certain warehouse processes, and can even complicate processes further down the road.  For other companies, they build UP! With a mezzanine floor system, you can add an intermediate floor above your warehouse floor, allowing you to practically double the amount of usable space in your facility. Say goodbye to all that cluttered and messy warehouse and say hello to your warehouse 2.0!


But the best part of our mezzanine floor systems is probably their versatility.  They do an amazing job of storing everything from machine to excess inventory. However, they are often used to help streamline warehouse processes as well! They can be used as a platform for conveyor systems above your warehouse floor, or even as catwalks to allow foot traffic to go directly from one end of the warehouse to the other. You can even put an office on top of one, so you do not have to use up any of your storage space on the warehouse floor.


Overall, a Panel Built mezzanine provides you with a fantastic alternative to freeing up space in a warehouse setting. With a short lead time and easy install, you can have your warehouse nearly double in size in no time.  If you want to learn more about our mezzanines, or start a mezzanine project of your own, contact our sales team, or request a quote on our site.


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