Tower Systems For Sale via Panel Built Inc.

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Exteriors, Towers (15)Working with Panel Built provides you with a number of options when considering a tower system project. Whether you’re looking for a fire tower, watch tower, guard tower, even a combat training tower(!), we have the experience and the pieces to complete every aspect of your project. Many consider these types of towers our specialty because it combines stair system/mezzanine and our prefabricated buildings into one project!

Tower and Stair System

The stair systems we construct for our towers will be very similar to what you would find on one of our mezzanine systems, except the system will rotate around the structure. With a landing at least every 12 feet in accordance with IBC code, our steel stairs are all powder coated rather than using regular paint in order to provide a more durable and longer lasting color.  Standard colors are red, blue, yellow, black, grey, and white, but we can match practically any color on the spectrum. They designed specifically to meet all IBC and OSHA codes to ensure maximum safety.

Prefabricated BoothBallistic Tower

The arguably the most important part of the tower is the booth that sits at the top.  With our tower booths designed to be wind and weather resistant, the tower occupants will be as comfortable as possible (after they get done trudging up the stairs).  To help with this, all of our tower booths come with an HVAC and electric option to ensure 100% satisfaction. Not only will the view be excellent, the room will be comfy too. We also provide insulated rust-resistant aluminum skinned booths to ensure your booth stays top notch quality.

Overall, Panel Built Inc. is your one stop shop for turn key guard towers and watch towers. With all components manufactured on site here, we can have your tower designed, engineered, constructed and installed as quickly as possible. Previously, we have made these towers for the military, prison systems, fire watching, weather observation, and even obstacle courses! So if you have any type of tower need, rest assured that we at Panel Built Inc. can take care of it for you.


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