Keep your Employees Happy with Break Room in your Modular Office System

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Employees enjoy a break room in their modular office system where they can eat lunch, get something from a vending machine, or just sit, relax, and talk with someone. If your company does not have a break room, or if your current one is not adequate, consider adding one as part of your modular office system.  It’s easy with today’s manufacturing methods. Break rooms can be a portable enclosure that can be relocated in the future. A place where workers can interact away from their work stations is still a good idea to relive stress or boredom. Other advantages of adding a break room include a place to stimulate a flow of ideas and build morale. Many productive decisions are often made in this area.

modular room

A prefabricated and ready-made enclosed room can be moved into a space you already have with minimal effort. Electricity, heating, and cooling can be incorporated easily. Now you have a quiet and private place where people can gather where it’s clean and comfortable. Workers will appreciate this addition and will let you know it. A leader in the industry like Panel Built, Incorporated understands your needs and is and will provide a high quality break area. Their modular rooms can be custom built for your space needs, as well as data transmission and communication line needs. The design allows easy revision and reconfiguration as needs change. You can incorporate areas for vending, food warming/preparation, laptops, phones, or TVs into the workplace. What more can employees ask for? Word will get around that management appreciates worker efforts and considers their needs.

Give some thought to the advantages of pre-built modular break room units:

  • No assembly or disassembly
  • Are very cost effective
  • They are ready to plug in
  • The units are relocatable
  • Their arrival and placement minimizes disruption
  • Forklift pockets make them easier to move
  • Only the final electrical tie-in is needed

As you can see, the purchase, set-up, and use of modern modular break rooms can be very cost effective compared to traditional structures. Once you try them you will be pleased and might consider other modular rooms or small buildings in your business or plant. Modular office systems are a welcome addition to any business or industry.


A modular office room makes a great break room


A modular office room makes a great break room that will serve many purposes for years to come. Break rooms that are non-existent or improperly used can be counter productive to business operations. They are called break rooms because they are meant to provide a place where workers can have a mental and physical “break” from daily routines. Just having a basic place set aside for this purpose is encouraging to employees. Once you install a modular unit you can begin to fill it with major essentials. Once you are set up the payoff will be almost immediate. Worker satisfaction and productivity will take a jump upward. Adding a number of break room essentials is not rocket science. Examine these options and choose the ones you can work into the company budget:

  • Employees will appreciate “free” coffee. It’s an inexpensive staple in most office settings that workers will use. Supply the things that go with a coffee maker like quality coffee, sugar, cups, creams, spoons, stirrers, and sugar substitutes. Coffee increases mental alertness that helps workers do more and do a better job.
  • Lunch tables and comfortable seating is pleasurable and brings employees back to the room again. Tables are important because they give people a place to sit down for a snack or to eat a meal. Perhaps some workers want to do some personal paper work or play short games with other employees. More importantly, tables provide a place to sit and talk things over with others – whether it’s a ball game, ideas about shopping, or a business problem. Solutions can result that are meaningful and build teamwork. Stiff old-fashioned chairs are not comfortable. Spend a little more and place comfortable and relaxing furniture in the area. Consider adding a couch and a computer desk. The long-term benefits are worth the effort
  • Decorate and differentiate the break room from other rooms in your business and from break rooms at other companies. There’s an old saying that goes, “A change is as good as a vacation.” Consider arranging the layout of the rooms and its colors so it seems like employees are getting away from the premises. It helps to decompress and disconnect from work temporarily. In turn, workers tend to feel more relaxed and fresh. Lively colors are stimulating and can increase productivity. Try decorating furniture and walls with something different that distinguish your break room from other businesses. Try to make it interesting and stand out to most people – just don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t do all of the thinking yourself. Allow employees to make suggestions so that you will meet their needs. Find out what they need by simply asking them. A comment box in the break room works, as well as an open door policy to managers’ offices. It’s not feasible to use all ideas – choose the most valuable ones and go with them. Workers will feel that you care about their opinions when they see the additions they submitted. Here is another idea that will pay off many times over in the future.

modular inplant

A prefab modular office fulfills break room requirements

A Panel Built prefab modular office used as a break room has these options you can count on:

  • Choice of 8 or 10 feet walls
  • Standard HVAC units
  • Well insulated and sound proof
  • Matching doors, door widths, and trim
  • Sturdy walls and window that open
  • Standard electrical equipment
  • Choice of HVAC cooling and heating options
  • Choice of interior and exterior colors and finishes
  • Customer support staff
  • Speedy shipping and realistic warranties
  • Affordability and great service

Whether you need modular break room units for a factory, warehouse, educational facility, mining operation, distribution center, or store, visit Panel Built’s website and you will see what we mean about a perfect prefab modular office unit.


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