The Lowdown on 3rd Party Approval

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Exteriors, Shed Roofed (6)

The modular industry is making its way to the top of the construction food chain. That being said, more guidelines and regulations are being put into place. It is still a learning process for us in the modular manufacturing industry, but with the help of our customers and our DAPIA (Design Approval Inspection Agency) we are getting the upper hand at figuring this out. Our DAPIA has helped with our learning process by guiding us forward to ensure we take the right steps and precautions when shipping these buildings out. Some states make it very difficult for us to make this easy on our customers, but with the knowledge we are gaining these difficulties are becoming easier. We even have some states mastered such as Nevada, Alabama, Florida and Miami-Dade County.  In these states we are now an approved manufacturer for certain products we offer. For instance, in Alabama we are an approved manufacturer for one of our most popular quick-ship guard booth plans.

Exteriors, Shed Roofed (85)

These pre approvals take a great deal of time off of the back and forth review process. When a building comes with an affixed state label of approval, it is one less thing for our customers to worry about. Now that Panel Built, Inc. is offering 3rd party pre approval, our customers will get a building that has met all requirements and building codes mandatory for that particular state.  Panel Built wants you to know that we will always strive for our customers’ satisfaction and keep looking for ways to improve your purchase experience.


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