Guard Shacks are Necessary for High Security Businesses.

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Safety and security are priorities for any business and a guard shack is especially necessary for high security businesses. The nature of their work calls for additional protection that can be met by a company such as Panel Built Incorporated. Panel Built makes modular buildings that are prefabricated and assembled to the highest standards in their own modern facilities. You can order standard made shacks/booths are custom made ones to your specifications.

Jail Ballistic

The following types of sensitive businesses commonly use guards and guard shacks:

  • Power plants
  • Aviation
  • Military
  • Research labs
  • Sensitive data processing
  • Transportation
  • Schools
  • State and federal facilities

Guard shacks make up an important element in the overall security of one of these businesses and will continue to be in the future. They can maintain surveillance of the property and check people in and out of the facility properly. When purchasing one, you should weight their costs against their benefits.

Modular guardhouse

It is common to employ guards inside a building site. Adding shacks/booths permits a business to widen its area of protection. A shack will provide added distance between the outside world and the people and contents of the building being protected. What are its advantages?

  • Employees can contact the building from outside
  • Monitor people coming and going
  • Monitor people’s clothing, bags, equipment, and gear
  • Scrutinize incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Check for weapons
  • Watch for any suspicious behavior
  • Can handle mail and package receipts

A guard booth lets the public know that management of the company is serious about security. It appearance alerts people, especially criminals, to stay away. Its presence alone may be enough to send the message to potential lawbreakers that you have not business here. If your company needs a guard shack and it putting off its purchase, it would be wise to move on the decision now.

A prefabricated guard shack can be ordered, constructed, delivered, and set up within a few days.

The major features people are seeking in a prefabricated guard shack are maximum security, bullet proof, affordable prices, and low maintenance of the shack/booth. This is what you get with Panel Built structures. In addition, they are portable and expandable to meet changing requirements. This company will take your order, build it, deliver and set it up in quick fashion.

Quickship Guardbooth

The place to start is to simply make a rough drawing of the building or booth you need and submit it to the company. Their team of designers will help you choose the architectural style and floor plans that effectively interweave with your needs. It’s important to identify your city and state up front so that building codes will be properly met. Once you’ve agreed on the size and price, the guard shack company will do the rest.

When making plans consider your budget very carefully – it’s not necessary to buy more protection than you need. “Top brass” will be watching your choices and will edit them. Select specific requirements to meet your needs such as reinforced gates, bullet-resistant glass, biohazard protection, personal guard comfort, or fencing. Panel Built experts will help you conduct a security audit to balance cost, needs, and strength of the project. It’s critical to look beyond the main entrance to other points that need security precautions. Consider delivery entrances and waste disposal areas.

Your choices for prefabricated guard shacks that are both cost effective and aesthetically pleasing are many. Instead of having them built by contractors or your own employees, pre-built and assembled structures are available. Interior and exterior units are fork-liftable and/or crane-liftable so they can be instantly moved and transported. There is no disassembly needed and they can be moved by truck to your site or facility. Such structures are manufactured by companies like Panel Built, Incorporated and come ready to use.

The advantages of pre-built modular guard shacks/booths include:

  • No assembly or disassembly
  • Built in a factory under strict standards
  • They are ready to plug in
  • Low maintenance and durable units
  • Reduced insurance costs due to quality
  • The units are relocatable
  • They save money and time
  • Their arrival and placement minimizes disruption
  • Forklift pockets make them easier to move
  • Only the final electrical tie-in is needed

As you can see, the purchase, set-up, and use of modern modular units can be very cost effective and efficient compared to traditional structures. Once you try one you will be pleased with a prefabricated guard shack.

Purchase a portable guard booth in coordination with a written company security plan for your protection.

A portable manned guard booth will provide basic external protection measures for your business. You need a security plan to go along with it. The plan should include basic security and safety objectives. Decide who should receive, study, and implement the plan. Consider the skills and knowledge of employees in deciding who to put on the security project team. Also take into consideration the computer network system and its security needs.


Think about how intruders might enter you facility and place a guard booth or booths in some strategic locations. Be aware of internal threats as well as accidents, external threats, and disasters and how they may affect your company. Compose a list of priorities in case something goes wrong and an action plan to deal with it. The person or persons in the guard booth must be very familiar with all aspects of the security plan. Use an ongoing plan to see that all workers are in compliance with the plan for their own protection as well as the company’s safety. An integral part of the plan is to incorporate a quality made work station for security guards. When you shop around you will not find a better structure than Panel Built units. A portable guard booth or booths provide the extra safety measures you need to keep everyone safe and happy.


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