A Prefabricated Guard Shack Makes the Ideal Solution.

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Today you have choices for prefabricated guard shacks that are both cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. Instead of having them built by contractors or your own employees, pre-built and assembled structures are available. Interior and exterior units are fork-liftable and/or crane-liftable so they can be instantly moved and transported. There is no disassembly needed and they can be moved by truck to your site or facility. Such structures are manufactured by companies like Panel Built, Incorporated and come ready to use.


The advantages of pre-built modular units include:

  • No assembly or disassembly
  • They are ready to plug in
  • The units are relocatable
  • They save money and time
  • Their arrival and placement minimizes disruption
  • Forklift pockets make them easier to move
  • Only the final electrical tie-in is needed

As you can see, the purchase, set-up, and use of modern modular units can be very cost effective and efficient compared to traditional structures. Once you try them you will be pleased and will consider them for other uses on your site.

Safety should be everyone’s concern. Look for units that are as fire resistant as possible. The best have one-hour fire rated wall systems that are laboratory tested ASTM certified. This means they have a fire resistance rating of 60 minutes. It’s nice to do business with a company that has both interior and exterior units available to meet a wide variety of needs. When you are looking for a metal guard shack, look for quality and value. Do business with a firm that has a variety of panel finishes, colors, roofing types, and accessories to fit your specific needs.

Modular Guardbooth

When your organization expects to grow in the future, it’s great to have structures that are expandable and relocatable that grow with the business. This builds in flexibility for work and weather conditions. A company like Panel Built, Incorporated has the know-how to meet tough building codes. Their highly trained staff and technicians have the experience and expertise to do the job right. Whether you are looking for a one or two story unit, they have what it takes to make you happy. Reputation and customer reviews mean everything these days. The buying public is much more shopper savvy than in times past and they want real value for their money in their prefabricated guard shacks.

A modular guard shack is a quality structure that will meet your needs.
Modern modular guard shack construction creates units that are durable, affordable, and safe. These are typical choices that people look for in a quality guard shack/booth:

  • Choice of 8 or 10 feet walls
  • Matching doors and trim
  • Multiple door widths
  • Standard HVAC units
  • Well insulated and sound proof
  • Standard electrical equipment
  • Choice of HVAC cooling and heating options
  • Windows that open
  • Choice of colors
  • Choice of interior and exterior finishes
  • Customer support staff
  • Speedy shipping and realistic warranties
  • Affordability and great service

Leading companies like Panel Built work hard to please you. With their state-of-the art manufacturing facility, quality materials, highly trained staff and installers, you can be sure you will get the best in construction and service. Purchasing a modular guard shack is easy and creates an instant new environment that will be welcomed by administration and employees. Why bother with all of the fuss of creating your own offices, rooms, and buildings. Remove the stress and install a modern, worry-free unit that personnel will enjoy. When you are in a hurry, go for the best so that you won’t sacrifice work schedules and your own reputation. Find a company that will custom-fit your individual needs in modular guard shack construction and you’ll never be sorry.


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