How to Supercharge your Work Process

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Process efficiency promotes productivity, which is essential to customer satisfaction. When running a warehouse or manufacturing facility certain practices can slow down work efficiency such as overcrowding, lack of communication, and not standardizing procedures. Here are a few ways to help everything go smoother:

Mezzanines (15)

  1. Create Space: As a business grows such does product storage, employee counts, and equipment needs. Instead of purchasing a larger facility it is best to implement a mezzanine. This is the equivalent of having two separate floors creating the option to store products on the top and have work space below. Adding a conveyor system can make this even more productive.
  2. Create a Common area: Communication is key when it comes to creating a more productive work environment. Adding a break room keeps employees from having to travel far to take breaks and creates a comfortable area to eat and relax. A modular inplant can also be used for conference rooms to gather to share ideas and communicate work related procedures.


  1. Standardize your Processes: by reducing potential variation in areas such as unloading, accounts payable, shift scheduling, and facilities management. Standardization saves time and money, and reduces errors.
  2. Look at Variation, not just Average : This is the heart of Six Sigma: reducing variation—or variance—to make a process more stable and predictable. Find a significant measure that reflects your process, then reduce the variability of that process as much as possible.

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