Modular Office Construction is Ideal for Laboratories.

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Modular Laboratory

When your company needs a new or additional lab, consider modular office construction as an ideal solution. This is an excellent way to provide greater flexibility and keep costs down. In comparison to stick built conventional building, modular systems are faster to put up and give greater security and portability. They are not like older style units that can become obsolete. These buildings can be moved, dismantled, reassembled, and used for other purposes. Panel Built, Incorporated knows how to enhance your current facilities with modular units. They are modern, clean, easily cooled and heated, and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Panel Built modular rooms and buildings can be a temporary or a permanent way to meet existing or expanding needs of business and industry. Whether your lab needs are on the governmental or private level, your needs become their work. Designers and technicians will plan and construct just what you need much faster than you can imagine. Their units are environmentally friendly and meet all local, state, and federal building codes. Quality standard and customized units are available at affordable prices. Even customized buildings, labs, and offices are built on the same principles that allow flexibility in their use and function. Additions are no problem. All are easy to maintain and keep functioning.

New research and testing procedures open up every day in our country. We have a hunger for knowledge for cures for diseases, rebuilding injuries, poisons, routine physical conditions, developing new medicines, accidents, and the new craze – DNA testing. Veterinarians as well as traditional medicine need labs that have everything at the doctors’ and technicians’ fingertips. Additional lab facilities are made more affordable with modular construction. Panel Built offers quick turn around from the design phase to actual set up and used of the lab/building. When space is a premium, modular is the way to go.

Interior rooms/units are available in almost any size and can be placed in the interior of a building, hospital, clinic, or warehouse. They do not have to be stand alone units. When space is available, labs can be built. You can choose between one or two story facilities to meet the existing space needs. Portable units can be constructed for the purpose of temporary use in a permanent or remote location. Since the prefabricated units are made in a factory, delivery and set up is quick and disturbs the onsite work flow very little. Walls, ceiling, floors, door, and windows can be made to your specifications and functionality. Modular office construction systems are strong, safe, and durable.

4358 Kawasaki Laser enclosure

Modular buildings can meet the needs of portable pharmacy packaging facilities.

Some of the common problems found in portable pharmacy packaging facilities can be overcome with modular buildings. Contaminated packaging has been a factor in pharmaceutical packaging as well as food packaging. Management in these trusted facilities demand clean work environments round the clock. The rooms must be free of airborne contamination to keep processes and products clean. Panel Built’s labs and rooms can be kept continually clean with the proper heating, cooling, and air flow processes. The rooms are better sealed and can be disinfected easier than in traditionally built labs or rooms. The choice of construction materials and pre-fabrication of the modular units in a clean factory facilitate this cleanliness.

No one wants people to become sick from their products. Management does not want expensive law suits that can halt the delivery of products to those who need them. These issues can be reduced or eliminated by using a clean environment. Employees can be trained to keep themselves and their work stations clean enough to pass all environmental standards. Having a modern, clean facility to work in adds to ensuring this will happen. An existing modular lab or unit can be expanded with minimal mess or pollution – unlike some conventionally built labs. Fewer hands touch the construction and installation of modular units as compared to other types of construction. These modular buildings are not only more cost effective, they are more sterile as well.

 NDE Inspection

Modular in-plant offices compliment laboratory facilities.

Modular in-plant offices and labs are built in a factory setting that yields better quality control during construction. Building materials are stored inside, not outside, for protection from numerous problems. The materials do not deteriorate, bend, warp, rust, or get scratched like some items do that are stored outside. All items and materials stored in a warehouse are regularly inspected and tested for cleanliness, quality, and functionality to ensure only the best are used for construction your units.

Structurally, modular buildings are generally stronger than conventional construction because each module is engineered to independently withstand the rigors of transportation and craning onto foundations. Once together and sealed, the modules become one integrated wall, floor and roof assembly. Because of this you will get superior products and workmanship in every unit. Once the units are designed, engineered, and approved, the work goes fast. Why? Most of the actual construction is done in the factory and not in your facility. The end result is much less work site disruption and traffic on your place of business. You will see an improvement in security and safety through reduced hazards that will help employees and keep insurance costs under control. The units or buildings are delivered to your place of business and then fork lifted or craned into position. Letting firms like Panel Built will take the stress off your daily work routines. For really busy organizations with people really needing clean environments, this is quite an advantage when installing modular offices and buildings.

Whether you need are labs, packaging areas, or offices, you can count on Panel Built for quality construction, delivery, and set up. Their staff understands keeping things “green,” clean, and environmentally friendly. From designing plans to first day of actual use, Panel Built structures will meet your needs. Their employees work with higher levels of sophistication that result in vastly superior modular in-plant offices.



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