Modular Office Buildings are Innovative, Efficient, and Cost Effective

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Compared to conventional office additions, modular offices or buildings are innovative, cost effective, and efficient. Modular offices and buildings are constructed off-site in a factory where conditions are controlled – no rain, snow, wind, storms, and normal humidity. Basically, they are made with the same materials and use the same standards/codes as traditional units. One of the major advantages is time savings – ¼ to ½ the time as other designed units. The offices or buildings are made as modules, meaning individual units that can be combined into larger ones. They function just as other designs that use conventional construction methods. They range in size from a single 8’ x 10’ unit to much larger combined offices. Panel Built units range from the simple to the sophisticated to meet a wide range of modular office and building needs.


Building these modular units in a factory yields better quality control during construction. Building materials are stored inside, not outside, for protection from numerous problems. The materials do not deteriorate, bend, warp, rust, or get scratched like some items do that are stored outside. All items and materials stored in a warehouse are regularly inspected and tested for quality and functionality to ensure only the best are used for construction.

Structurally, modular buildings are generally stronger than conventional construction because each module is engineered to independently withstand the rigors of transportation and craning onto foundations. Once together and sealed, the modules become one integrated wall, floor and roof assembly. Because of this you will get superior products and workmanship in every unit. Once the units are designed, engineered, and approved, the work goes fast. Why? Most of the actual construction is done in the factory and not in your facility. The end result is much less work site disruption and traffic your place. You will see an improvement in security and safety through reduced hazards that will help employees and keep insurance costs under control. The units or buildings are delivered to your place of business and then fork lifted or craned into position. Letting firms like Panel Built will take the stress off your daily work routines. For really busy organizations with people scurrying everywhere, this is quite an advantage when installing modular offices and buildings.

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Great modular in-plant offices start with the planning and design phase to build them correctly.

Well trained designers and architects are involved in the construction of modular in-plant offices and units from start to finish. They team with management of the construction firm and management of the buying firms to coordinate all efforts. This way they can work with higher levels of sophistication in design and construction that result in vastly superior products. In fact, you can expect results that equal or exceed conventional building units. Planning the modular projects takes into consideration how they will be delivered and where they will be set up. Advance planning makes all the difference in the world when it comes to meeting deadlines and avoiding problems.

Both buyers and builders of these units are thinking “green,” sustainability, and portability in their modular offices and buildings. Because there is little or no on-site waste or pollution, the environment is affected in a positive manner. There is no traditional huge mess to clean up and no after effects to live with. This is a natural fit and a win-win situation. All of these advantages encourage buyers to order more modular in-plant offices, buildings, and mezzanines in the future.

Permanent and relocatable modular office systems and buildings are available at affordable prices.

In decades past, a new office or onsite building constructed in a conventional manner was pretty well permanent – not so with today’s modular office systems and buildings. They can be disassembled and moved/reassembled. They can be fork lifted or craned into position or moved to a different onsite spot. This is a great improvement since “grandpa’s” day! The following businesses or industries use more modular office systems and buildings today:

  • Education and healthcare
  • Security, police, and military
  • Hospitality and retail
  • Administration and housing
  • Government and private agencies
  • Warehouses and distribution systems
  • Emergency and construction
  • Agriculture

A prominent example from the list above is secondary and higher education. Funding for schools and education is tight and many states are cutting their education budgets. Modular office systems and buildings can meet the needs of a single classroom to complete campuses. Whether the school is private, public, or charter, its building and office needs can be met. When construction and move-in time is of the essence, modular construction is the way to go because they are so much faster to put up. Money is saved and there is much less campus disruption.

Modular classrooms and modular schools rival conventionally constructed schools in appearance and function. They will meet building codes and pass accreditation committees. These buildings are ideal for extended campuses and sites. Many institutions want to take education to the people rather than expand the large existing campuses. The ideal solution is modular classrooms and administration buildings. During deliver and set up teachers, professor, and staff deal with less disruption during the semester and students are safer. Panel Built knows the needs of education and other industries and is prepared to do its best to deliver quality, usability, and dependability in its modular office systems.

air tech 2

Now is the time to order those modular offices while the weather is good.

Delivery and set up of modular offices and buildings is a much faster and easier task when the weather is pleasant. No rain, snow, mud, sleet, or ice to get in the way. Now may be the time to move on your goals and plans of adding office or building space to your facility or location. Prices will inevitably go up before the end of the year and this is another excellent reason to get started on your modular offices or buildings.


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