Modular Buildings are a Growing Trend in the Agricultural Industry.

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Many businesses in the agricultural industry are turning to modular buildings for additional space. Why? They are a cost effective and quick means of expanding the business. The reasons for using modular buildings, in addition to expansion, are upgrading current facilities or hiring temporary or permanent employees. It may be time to consider the benefits of using factory built, prefabricated construction buildings or units. Panel Built, Incorporated is ready to meet your needs with the best constructed modern modular buildings.

Agriculture Mezzanine

 The agricultural community includes farming, vegetable growers, orchards, ornamental growers, tree farmers, commercial nurseries, fruit growers, and wineries. All have needs of production, storage, growing plants, customers, shipping, and other needs. The modular building or buildings can be customer built to any size and delivered in a matter of weeks. When custom work is not needed, you can choose from standard or “in stock” units. Panel Built can create the buildings to support your business and help make it more successful.

 Why not give modular buildings a try? They are quality made and fit right in with your business environment. They are fast and easy to install on your job site, durable, and affordable. Compared to traditional stick construction, they also provide these advantages:

  • No assembly or disassembly
  • They are ready to plug in; they save time
  • The units are relocatable; they save money
  • Their arrival and placement minimizes work disruption
  • Forklift pockets make them easier to move
  • Only the final electrical tie-in is needed

Once you try one of them you will be pleased and will consider more units for other uses inside your business or outside.  Their popularity continues to grow. Modular and portable buildings by Panel Built, Incorporated are the answers to your additional space needs.

Modular Building

 The agricultural community will need additional modular building system space as their business grows.

Many types of agricultural businesses are growing by leaps and bounds in the U.S. today and may need additional modular buildings system space. More and more do-it-yourself homeowners and commercial landscaping companies are selling products in record numbers. They need more usable building and/or warehouse space to meet their growing customer base. If you own or manage one of the following types of agri-related businesses, then you might consider the benefits of factory built, prefabricated buildings to meet your space needs:

  • Shipping and receiving areas
  • Lunchroom and break room
  • Portable shelters
  • One and two-story modular offices
  • Restrooms and smoking shelters
  • Machine and sound enclosures
  • Packing and storage rooms
  • Guard rails and safety barriers
  • Stair systems and access ladders

Applications are many and not limited to the above list. As owner or manager, you know your business needs, how soon the space is needed, and the money allocated in the budget. Panel Built will work with you to make their units effective and affordable to support business operations. If some of your departments are becoming overcrowded, noisy, dirty, or dangerous, then by all means consider the addition of modular units/buildings to ease the problems. They are made of quality materials, engineered and constructed to last, and made to your specifications. When you install one of these pre-made units you will notice that work schedules, disruptions, and work flow are minimized and sometimes eliminated during setup. Unlike remodeling your current structure and environment with conventional construction, pre-built modular offices won’t cost you money due to downtime. If you need the extra work space at your facility, why not go ahead and make the move – you will be money ahead. Their installations will help you stay competitive and/or jump ahead of competition. Modular building system space and portable buildings provide up to date need for owners and employees.

If modular offices are part of your expansion need, rely on an industry leader like Panel built.


 Modern modular offices have come a long way. When we spend our hard-earned money we want the features that advance our work, production, and customer satisfaction. Here are some typical choices that people look for in agri-related quality office and company:

  • Choice of 8 or 10 feet walls
  • Matching doors and trim
  • Multiple door widths
  • Standard HVAC units
  • Well insulated and sound proof
  • Standard electrical equipment
  • Choice of HVAC cooling and heating options
  • Windows that open
  • Choice of colors
  • Choice of interior and exterior finishes
  • Customer support staff
  • Speedy shipping and realistic warranties
  • Affordability and great service

Leading companies like Panel Built work hard to please you. With their state-of-the art manufacturing facility, quality materials, highly trained staff and installers, you can be sure you will get the best in construction and service. Purchasing a modular office system is easy and creates an instant new environment that will be welcomed by everyone at work. Some employees have specific health needs or working conditions that can be better met by the professional modular unit manufactures.

Look to Panel Built for that perfect unit. Keep in mind that new start-up companies may offer bargain prices but may lack the quality reputation you need. When you are in a hurry, go for the best so that you won’t sacrifice work schedules and your own reputation.

Panel Built allows you to choose wall panel designs and finishes. Modular walls can be expanded – they are polystyrene. They come wild a one hour fire rated core safety barrier made of mineral wool and steel studs. The panel joints are well made. A conventional extruded binder post or 1” wide vinyl divider strip can be ordered. Surfaces come in these choices:

  • ½” vinyl covered drywall
  • Aluminum, steel, or hardboard
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Porcelainized steel
  • Virtually any surface that can be laminated

The above features are quite flexible. Standard structures are 8’ x 10’; however, Panel Built can create any size modular office unit to within a ¼” tolerance.

 Congo-Admin building


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