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Modular Inplant with Mezzanine

When you need a clear view of plant work areas, then consider a mezzanine system in your modular office construction plans. Vision towers, supervisory inplant offices, and metal range towers are a few of the applications that Panel Built, Incorporated has to offer. All of their mezzanines and mezzanine systems are heavy duty industrial platforms that function just as you would want them to. Their many uses include:

  • Catwalks
  • Storage
  • Inplant offices
  • Conveyor integration
  • Operating spaces
  • Industrial platforms

Mezzanine-built systems are versatile and can be designed to meet most any space need. They are load-bearing and rugged systems. They can support one or two-story construction – even meet military specs MIL-B28658D. When you buy their structures you will get the safest, lowest maintenance, and productive two-story product on the market. You can order them custom built. Choose your own heights, sizes, decking materials, spans, stair systems, and landings. They are attractive and come powder coated for a long-lasting finish.

Panel Built’s mezzanines and mezzanine systems come with:

  • Variety of decking materials
  • Modular bolt-together systems
  • Heavy-duty columns and baseplates
  • 3-point connections vs. in-shear
  • Metal railing with 4” kick-plates
  • Heavy duty metal stairs
  • Heavy duty accessories
  • Structural grade bolts
  • Quality and performance-built doors
  • Quality windows that function correctly
  • Panels made of aluminum or steel
  • Powder coated steel construction
  • Gypsum panels are vinyl covered
  • Gypsum panels are low maintenance and eye pleasing

All of these features make their mezzanines and mezzanine systems the ideal addition to your modular office construction addition.

Upgrade your plant with a pre-fabricated in-plant office in the form of a mezzanine.

 two story inplant

A pre-fabricated in-plant office in the form of a mezzanine can be an ideal solution to finding needed space. When you need to expand your facility and don’t have enough room to expand outward, then consider going up. In many cases this is clearly the best choice. A mezzanine is an open, non-walled off space or floor that is mounted in a space with a high ceiling.

A mezzanine is an intermediate floor inside of a building, usually open and not walled off. There are a few different types of mezzanines; including stick built, fiberglass, and rack-supported. In general, the two most common types of mezzanines are cold rolled and structural steel. Understanding the differences in the way the two types of mezzanines are manufactured is crucial to ensuring you choose the right product for the job.

Modular rooms come in the form of mezzanines.

Consider using a roll-formed mezzanine from Panel Built as one of your new modular rooms. They are lightweight and heavy-duty enough for major applications. They come with the ability to support 10 psf loads. They make it easy for you by completely pre-fabricating them and have them ready to assemble. Consider how well the structural steel columns and roll-formed  c-channels will perform. Construction can be adapted when your needs call for heavier live loads or greater clear spans. The solution is to use structural columns and beams combined with roll-formed cannels.

What can these mezzanine panel products provide? They can support heavy dead loads, pallet jack live loads, and maximum foot traffic. Their surfaces greatly resist scratches and stains. You will be pleased to know they come with certified static control for electrically sensitive areas. Finishes are very eye pleasing and easy to clean. They have tongue and groove design for safety. The panels are made of wood fibers and phenolic urea or melamine resins for long lasting quality.

When adding a mezzanine, you will need to consider the stairs, ladders, and cage ladders. Panel Built will manufacture stair systems to your specifications of various heights, sizes, and specialty handrails. They come prefinished and ready to install. Ladders with a steel base mounting bracket and flared entry for easy access are ideal. Ladders and cage ladders are all steel construction and meet all OSHA specs. Safety guards and guard railings are needed for protecting inventory areas and conveyors. They protect in plant offices, loading docks, electrical equipment and other vulnerable areas subject to impact. As a leader in the mezzanine industry this company has your needs covered.

Modular in plant offices in the form of mezzanines have tax benefits.

Now that you know that modular in plant office construction is a growing trend, consider the tax benefits. Modular offices can be expensed up to $125,000 for purchases. Section 179 allows these purchases to be written off during the tax year they are bought and used. Conventional building methods must be depreciated over 39.5 years. These tax provisions encourage businesses to grow and hire more people. This means growth with fewer expenses to worry about.

Know what’s a great deal? The new tax regulations mean you can recover the cost of modular buildings within a year in tax deductions. Section 179 allows all companies to take advantage of the bonus depreciation. The modular product is considered equipment and can be written off over 5 times faster than traditional construction. Here are some other benefits. Panel Built products qualify for 7-year depreciation, while typical construction depreciates over 39.5 years. This means that after 7 years Panel Built buildings are written off compared to 17.9% of any conventional construction. Translated into tax benefits, Panel Build products returns 39.6% in tax savings compared to 7.6% with conventional buildings in the first 7 years.

 Schletter IP on Mezzanine

Leading companies like Panel Built work hard to please you. With their state-of-the art manufacturing facility, quality materials, highly trained staff and installers, you can be sure you will get the best in construction and service. Purchasing a modular office system is easy and creates an instant new environment that will be welcomed by everyone at work. Some employees have specific health needs or working conditions that can be better met by the professional modular unit manufactures. Why bother with all the fuss of creating your own offices, rooms, and buildings. Remove the stress and install a modern, worry-free modular in plant office mezzanine unit that workers will enjoy.


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