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Modular Inplant Effciency

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Why modular inplant offices? Modular offices are efficient, built in half the time as conventional built offices, less expensive, and more convenient. They are built off-site and under strict, supervised conditions. This allows consistent construction from one unit to another. Customers can be assured they are getting offices built to the same or higher codes and standards as traditional units built at their plant or warehouse. They are called modular because they are built in modules or sections at the factory and assembled on the customer’s business. They can match or equal the best conventional offices built on customers’ sites. Quality is generally next to none.

 Modular Office

Are they comparable in strength and functionality to conventional on-site built offices? Yes, they are – very much so. In fact, they are usually stronger and tested before being shipped to the assembly site. They are bolted together to produce an integrated unit consisting of walls, floor, and roof. A leader in the industry like Panel Built, Incorporated will custom build office units, as well as other modular rooms.

Here are some advantages of pre-fabricated modular office units:

  • Better construction due to higher quality control
  • Consistency in all building materials
  • Materials are safely and securely stored at the factory
  • Controlled atmosphere for storage to prevent damage and moisture
  • Frequent inspection and testing of products in process.
  • Improved completion time
  • Removes about 75%-85% of customer on-site construction
  • Greatly reduces site disruption
  • Reduces vehicle traffic and traffic jams on site
  • Improves general security and safety
  • Ideal for very active businesses

If you need additional office space and do not want to expand your current building, then consider one of them. Modular inplant offices have it all – quality, aesthetics, safety, low cost, and functionality.

Modular office systems are more sophisticated than you might expect.

Panel Built can create modular office systems to fit the current layout of your facility. No need to knock out or tear down walls or rearrange needed work space. Their highly trained designers and construction technicians can work with architects and company owners to coordinate efforts to your satisfaction. Measuring the available space will allow designers to custom fit a modular office and make assembly easy. This will prevent the inconvenience and cost of redesigning your building. Panel Built can take a stick built design and create a modular unit from it.

Modular office systems are built to last. They are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Built under strict quality control conditions, waste of materials is greatly reduced. These advantages reduce cost and improve long-term sustainability.

Prefabricated in-plant office modular units are faster to build and install than conventionally built offices. They offer additional benefits.

 inplant3 2x

Prefabricated in-plant office modular units are simply faster – faster to build and faster to assemble. How is this possible? Their construction occurs at the same time as site work. This allows projects to be built and installed in 40% to 50% of the time of traditional methods. Delays are reduced greatly. About 60% to 90% of construction is done in the factory. Weather delays are virtually eliminated. These factors means the offices can be used sooner and give a faster return on your investment. Another reason to consider modular units is that they are built to code with quality materials. Panel Built has been in business long enough to understand your office needs. Their experience and expertise provide the highest quality of materials and construction possible. Customer satisfaction is among the highest in the industry.

Other advantages of these modular units include safety for the customer’s workers during assembly and energy efficiency. Injury to employees and guests is greatly reduced because the actual construction is done else where. This reduces the customer’s liability for accidents and keeps the insurance cost down. Computer aided design means that energy consumption for heating, cooling, and ventilation is reduced to save additional money. Modular construction is not limited like conventional building methods. Modular office design is virtually limitless.

Environmental quality is enhanced by using modular systems. Waste in the construction stage in the factory is eliminated because materials can be recycled. Inventory is tightly controlled and protected. There is less site disturbance to encumber workers, management, and vendors.

The factory-controlled construction process generates less waste, creates fewer site disturbances and allows for tighter construction. This also means energy savings are enhanced. Modular offices and mezzanines can be disassembled and moved. Unlike conventional carpentry, nothing is destroyed when the module is taken apart and relocated. The unit can be refurbished for another purpose and can even be reduced in size. This minimizes the need for additional building materials. Less effort is exerted by those moving the structure. A problem can occur when traditional construction is used in humid or rainy weather – moisture can be trapped in the walls and floor. This can lead to mold and mildew. This issue is virtually eliminated because the factory-controlled atmosphere is drier during assembly. In the end this has the potential for improving the air quality.

In the end, you will be pleased with modular offices.

Panel Built has been making modular offices for 20 years. With thousands of satisfied customers, it’s no wonder the company is a leader in the industry. The firm offers a complete line of customer modular offices, mezzanines, pre-assembled and exterior buildings. State-of-the-art manufacturing is used to assure the highest quality available. Staff and technicians deliver fast and friendly service to meet your needs. As a world class manufacturer, they listen to their customer needs and provide creative solutions that are affordable. Surveys have shown that businesses like modular offices as much or more than conventionally built ones. Their employees work in a positive environment and they are dedicated to meet your specifications. If you need to expand your business, don’t wait any longer. Pick up the phone and call 800-636-3873 for more information and a quote.

A Great Addition to Any Modular Office

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Modular Inplant with Mezzanine

When you need a clear view of plant work areas, then consider a mezzanine system in your modular office construction plans. Vision towers, supervisory inplant offices, and metal range towers are a few of the applications that Panel Built, Incorporated has to offer. All of their mezzanines and mezzanine systems are heavy duty industrial platforms that function just as you would want them to. Their many uses include:

  • Catwalks
  • Storage
  • Inplant offices
  • Conveyor integration
  • Operating spaces
  • Industrial platforms

Mezzanine-built systems are versatile and can be designed to meet most any space need. They are load-bearing and rugged systems. They can support one or two-story construction – even meet military specs MIL-B28658D. When you buy their structures you will get the safest, lowest maintenance, and productive two-story product on the market. You can order them custom built. Choose your own heights, sizes, decking materials, spans, stair systems, and landings. They are attractive and come powder coated for a long-lasting finish.

Panel Built’s mezzanines and mezzanine systems come with:

  • Variety of decking materials
  • Modular bolt-together systems
  • Heavy-duty columns and baseplates
  • 3-point connections vs. in-shear
  • Metal railing with 4” kick-plates
  • Heavy duty metal stairs
  • Heavy duty accessories
  • Structural grade bolts
  • Quality and performance-built doors
  • Quality windows that function correctly
  • Panels made of aluminum or steel
  • Powder coated steel construction
  • Gypsum panels are vinyl covered
  • Gypsum panels are low maintenance and eye pleasing

All of these features make their mezzanines and mezzanine systems the ideal addition to your modular office construction addition.

Upgrade your plant with a pre-fabricated in-plant office in the form of a mezzanine.

 two story inplant

A pre-fabricated in-plant office in the form of a mezzanine can be an ideal solution to finding needed space. When you need to expand your facility and don’t have enough room to expand outward, then consider going up. In many cases this is clearly the best choice. A mezzanine is an open, non-walled off space or floor that is mounted in a space with a high ceiling.

A mezzanine is an intermediate floor inside of a building, usually open and not walled off. There are a few different types of mezzanines; including stick built, fiberglass, and rack-supported. In general, the two most common types of mezzanines are cold rolled and structural steel. Understanding the differences in the way the two types of mezzanines are manufactured is crucial to ensuring you choose the right product for the job.

Modular rooms come in the form of mezzanines.

Consider using a roll-formed mezzanine from Panel Built as one of your new modular rooms. They are lightweight and heavy-duty enough for major applications. They come with the ability to support 10 psf loads. They make it easy for you by completely pre-fabricating them and have them ready to assemble. Consider how well the structural steel columns and roll-formed  c-channels will perform. Construction can be adapted when your needs call for heavier live loads or greater clear spans. The solution is to use structural columns and beams combined with roll-formed cannels.

What can these mezzanine panel products provide? They can support heavy dead loads, pallet jack live loads, and maximum foot traffic. Their surfaces greatly resist scratches and stains. You will be pleased to know they come with certified static control for electrically sensitive areas. Finishes are very eye pleasing and easy to clean. They have tongue and groove design for safety. The panels are made of wood fibers and phenolic urea or melamine resins for long lasting quality.

When adding a mezzanine, you will need to consider the stairs, ladders, and cage ladders. Panel Built will manufacture stair systems to your specifications of various heights, sizes, and specialty handrails. They come prefinished and ready to install. Ladders with a steel base mounting bracket and flared entry for easy access are ideal. Ladders and cage ladders are all steel construction and meet all OSHA specs. Safety guards and guard railings are needed for protecting inventory areas and conveyors. They protect in plant offices, loading docks, electrical equipment and other vulnerable areas subject to impact. As a leader in the mezzanine industry this company has your needs covered.

Modular in plant offices in the form of mezzanines have tax benefits.

Now that you know that modular in plant office construction is a growing trend, consider the tax benefits. Modular offices can be expensed up to $125,000 for purchases. Section 179 allows these purchases to be written off during the tax year they are bought and used. Conventional building methods must be depreciated over 39.5 years. These tax provisions encourage businesses to grow and hire more people. This means growth with fewer expenses to worry about.

Know what’s a great deal? The new tax regulations mean you can recover the cost of modular buildings within a year in tax deductions. Section 179 allows all companies to take advantage of the bonus depreciation. The modular product is considered equipment and can be written off over 5 times faster than traditional construction. Here are some other benefits. Panel Built products qualify for 7-year depreciation, while typical construction depreciates over 39.5 years. This means that after 7 years Panel Built buildings are written off compared to 17.9% of any conventional construction. Translated into tax benefits, Panel Build products returns 39.6% in tax savings compared to 7.6% with conventional buildings in the first 7 years.

 Schletter IP on Mezzanine

Leading companies like Panel Built work hard to please you. With their state-of-the art manufacturing facility, quality materials, highly trained staff and installers, you can be sure you will get the best in construction and service. Purchasing a modular office system is easy and creates an instant new environment that will be welcomed by everyone at work. Some employees have specific health needs or working conditions that can be better met by the professional modular unit manufactures. Why bother with all the fuss of creating your own offices, rooms, and buildings. Remove the stress and install a modern, worry-free modular in plant office mezzanine unit that workers will enjoy.

Quick Guide: Modular Breakrooms

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If your company does not have a break room or if your current one is not adequate, consider adding one as part of a modular office system.  It’s easy with today’s manufacturing methods. Break rooms can be a portable enclosure where employees can hold a quick meeting, grab a cup of coffee, eat lunch, or just socialize. A place where workers can interact away from their work stations is still a good idea to relive stress or boredom. Other advantages of adding a break room include a place to stimulate a flow of ideas and build morale.


A prefabricated and ready-made enclosed room can be moved into an available space with minimal effort. Electricity, heating, and cooling can be incorporated easily. Now you have a quiet and private place where people can gather where it’s clean and comfortable. Workers will appreciate this addition and will let you know it. A leader in the industry like Panel Built understands your needs and is waiting to serve you. Their modular rooms can be custom built for your space needs, as well as data transmission and communication line needs. The design allows easy revision and reconfiguration as needs change. You can incorporated areas for vending, food warming/preparation, laptops, phones, or TVs into the workplace. What more can employees ask for? Word will get around that management appreciates worker efforts and considers their needs.

Give some thought to the advantages of pre-built modular break room units:

  • No assembly or disassembly
  • They are ready to plug in
  • The units are relocatable
  • They save money and time
  • Their arrival and placement minimizes disruption
  • Forklift pockets make them easier to move
  • Only the final electrical tie-in is needed

As you can see, the purchase, set-up, and use of modern modular break rooms can be very cost effective and efficient compared to traditional structures. Once you try them you will be pleased and might consider other modular rooms or small buildings in your business or plant. Only a few years ago modular office systems were a dream– now they’re a reality.

More reasons to turn a prefabricated modular office into a break room.


When your business needs a break room, consider using a prefabricated modular office to serve as one. Break rooms that are non-existent or improperly used can be counter productive to business operations. They are called break rooms because they are meant to provide a place where workers can have a mental and physical “break” from daily routines. Just having a basic place set aside for this purpose is encouraging to employees. Once you allow a leading company like Panel Built, Incorporated to install a modular unit, you can begin to fill it with major essentials. Once you are set up the payoff will be almost immediate. Worker satisfaction and productivity will take a jump upward.

Surveys have shown that adding a number of break room essentials is not rocket science. Examine these options and choose the ones you can work into the budget:

  • Lunch tables and comfortable seating is pleasurable and brings employees back to the room again. Tables are important because they give people a place to sit down for a snack or to eat a meal. Perhaps some workers want to do some personal paper work or play short games with other employees. More importantly, tables provide a place to sit and talk things over with others – whether it’s a ball game, ideas about shopping, or a business problem. Solutions can result that are meaningful and build teamwork. Stiff old-fashioned chairs are not comfortable. Spend a little more and place comfortable and relaxing furniture in the area. Consider adding a couch and a computer desk. The long-term benefits are worth the effort
  • Employees will appreciate “free” coffee. It’s an inexpensive staple in most office settings that workers will use. Supply the things that go with a coffee maker like quality coffee, sugar, cups, creams, spoons, stirrers, and sugar substitutes. Coffee increases mental alertness that helps workers do more and do a better job.
  • Decorate and differentiate the break room from other rooms in your business and from break rooms at other companies. There’s an old saying that goes, “A change is as good as a vacation.” Consider arranging the layout of the rooms and its colors so it seems like employees are getting away from the premises. It helps to decompress and disconnect from work temporarily. In turn, workers tend to feel more relaxed and fresh. Lively colors are stimulating and can increase productivity. Try decorating furniture and walls with something different that distinguish your break room from other businesses. Try to make it interesting and stand out to most people – just don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t do all of the thinking yourself. Allow employees to make suggestions so that you will meet their needs. Find out what they need by simply asking them. A comment box in the break room works, as well as an open door policy to managers’ offices. It’s not feasible to use all ideas – choose the most valuable ones and go with them. Workers will feel that you care about their opinions when they see the additions they submitted. Here is another idea that will pay off many times over in the future.

A Panel Built in plant office fulfills break room requirements.

These are some typical options available in a Panel Built in plant office used as a break room:

  • Choice of 8 or 10 feet walls
  • Standard HVAC units
  • Well insulated with sound and fire options
  • Matching doors, door widths, and trim
  • Standard electrical equipment
  • Choice of HVAC cooling and heating options
  • Choice of interior and exterior colors and finishes
  • Customer support staff
  • Speedy shipping and realistic warranties
  • Affordability and great service

modular inplant

Whether you need modular break room units for a factory, warehouse, educational facility, mining operation, distribution center, or store, visit Panel Built’s website and you will see what we mean about a perfect in plant office unit.

Modular Cleanrooms And Removing Contaminants

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Clean rooms are more of a modern day assessment that  creates a space inside or a part of a house that ultimately makes something seem a bit cleaner. Often built with advanced technologies in incorporating air flow and air filtered systems, they increase the cleanliness while maintaining the conditions for some sensitive materials.  These types of modular cleanrooms are often designed by companies that sell prefabricated non-metallic cleanrooms. There is a range of clean rooms with different specifications for their standard. ISO  6 cleanroom and ISO 7 cleanroom are both two standards that are officially deemed a cleanroom.

The Different Types of Wall Systems for Modular Cleanrooms

Wall systems for modular cleanrooms often have a few unique ways that they can be constructed.

  • Hard wall room enclosures
  • Soft Wall clean rooms

Hardwall Room enclosures are constructed and fabricated modular walls that have been built to a specification with sound proof and sealed conditions in order to maintain and contain specific types of bacterias and particles in order to keep the area from being a contaminated zone. This will often be applied in scientific excavations that depend on the enclosures in order to keep some level of security when it comes to airborne contaminants.

Softwall room enclosure are often built for patient and hospital preferences. While the purpose does change depending on a few factors and the job itself, prefabricated non-metallic cleanrooms offer a constraint and a typical secure enclosure to offer the patient or virus some type of security.

The Potential For Contamination

A contamination is the introduction of a something that was not intended to be included. If there are contaminants in the area that will cause an alchemical change in the device, product, or chemical makeup of the experiment, then there is a change to the chemical itself and the process is foiled and must be re-done. Modular cleanrooms are designed to prevent contamination from building a controlled or seemingly controlled environment that would isolate the experiment and provide an increased opportunity to have the desired result.

Modular Cleanrooms

Preventing contamination through Modular Cleanrooms

There are a few different technologies that are incorporated to cleanrooms in order to maintain the level of standard that each room is deemed to have. In each case, these are the simple systems, that vary with the company in order to maintain the room at a typical standard. These standards can be altered and changed, but these technologies are applied in even some of the highest grades of experiments.

  • Filtration
  • Cleaning
  • HEPA  ( High efficiency Particulate air Filter )
  • Clean room Architecture

Each of these factors are applied to produce the desired results. HEPA filters have been applied in many different ways for a ton of different projects are are included in the systems that would build a clean room, whether its a class 1000 cleanroom or a class 10000 cleanroom.

The Different Classes Of Modular Cleanrooms

There are a few different qualifications for Modular Cleanrooms and they are specified in terms of classes.  Typical buildings that are constructed to be an environment that people breath will have on average about  500,000 to 1,000,000 particles that can be observed and are known to exist.  This measurement is per cubic foot of air.  The difference with Class 1000 cleanroom and a class 10,000 clean room is that they are actually the limitations of particles for each standard. This means that a class 1000 will limit particles to 1000 per cubic foot and the class 10,000 will limit the particles to 10,000 per cubic foot.  This creates the effect and the design of a cleanroom that is ultimately set up and built by scientists with a combination of technology to create the desired environment.

These modular rooms will also classified in the categorization of and ISO 6 cleanroom and an ISO 7 cleanroom.  These standards are just another way of saying that they are either a class 1000 or a class 10000. The difference is only in the way it is understood based on a company the owns specific rights to the description.  The class 1000 cleanroom is the ISO 6 cleanroom and the class 10000 cleanroom is the ISO 7 cleanroom.

While there are many different cleanrooms and particles can be formed at a moments notice, the effect is more of the mind of the people who are involved in the experiments that demand that standard of room. With the many choices available for every modular cleanroom there are tons of companies that sell prefabricated non-metallic cleanrooms that are available online.

The Highly Recommended Panel Built modular cleanroom mezzanine

This modular cleanroom is one of the best available modular cleanroom mezzanine that is available today.  Made for heavy duty experiments with pre-fabricated staircases and enclosures that are set to a specific standard, they have metal railings, towers, coated with a lasting finish and could be adapted to fit offices and different things that will be engineered with plans working with the buyers. This highly specific and tailored device will offer the flexibility and the mobility to move around and create an environment that can be around or leading to some of the leading experiments in your business.

These modular cleanrooms that have been provided for science experiments and classified information will often be utilized for many of the ongoing information of the time. While there are different reasons they prosper the contaminants are often removed from any experiment making modular cleanrooms a leading option for the highest levels of information.