Why Modular Construction will Continue to Grow

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1. Quality of Materials

The quality of modular building materials has improved and continues to improve, which will make this method more attractive going forward. Modular buildings are innately stronger than traditional ones because each individual section is designed to withstand the stress of transportation and assembly.


2. Advancements in Prefabrication

Modular construction continues to advance and improve, and the future use of modular is feasible for this reason.

3. Project Schedule, Quality, and Safety Improvements

Modular construction helps to decrease project timelines, improve the quality of projects, and make the construction site a safer environment. These are key reasons why modular will continue for years to come.


4. Overall Control

Modular building allows builders to control the conditions under which they are working. Materials can be stored away to avoid damage from the elements during inclement weather.

5. Modular Building is Green

Modular buildings are greener. Their parts can be disassembled, refurbished and reused. Approximately 60 to 90 percent of modular construction is completed in a factory, which means all excess materials and inventory can be managed and recycled more efficiently. Also, because modular buildings are assembled in a controlled setting away from the weather, the potential for moisture being trapped in the materials decreases significantly, translating to better air quality.

6. Sophisticated Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities have become more sophisticated, improving scope of the modular building process.

Modular Office

7.  Modular building isn’t that different

One’s creative vision for a building doesn’t have to be sacrificed to build modular. Many “traditional” architectural designs can be adapted into a modular version.

Now that you have found the reasons why modular construction is predicted to have a lasting future, you’ll better understand the benefits of this progressing building method. Consider these points when planning your next construction project!



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