Month: February 2015

Modular Building as an Emerging Construction Industry Choice

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When business owners and potential home owners envision building an office or residence or expanding on an existing structure, they often limit themselves to traditional construction methods. But modular construction has become a fast-growing, cost-effective trend for many builders. And at a time when every business and household is looking to stretch their investment further, this emerging alternative to conventional construction is quickly becoming the preferred choice.


The timeline of a traditional construction project begins with the financing, followed by breaking ground. For many projects, grading and laying of the foundation can take upwards of a year, or more. Only then can builders start building the structure itself, which can take just as long to complete, depending on weather delays, construction schedules and several other factors. Modular construction consolidates both time and labor, while reducing overall material costs and environmental impact.

Because modular buildings, like residential homes, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc., are constructed off-site in a protected factory-style setting, the fabrication of the building itself can be started at the same time that foundation is being formed onsite. This technique of simultaneous construction cuts construction times nearly in half. Meanwhile construction quality is comparable, if not better, than conventionally-built structures. Once the foundation is finished, the modules arrive from the factory. The building is assembled, sometimes in just days, and the exterior finishes are added, down to the landscaping surrounding the structure. The modules arrive wired and plumbed throughout, so utilities simply need to be connected before use. By significantly reducing the overall time it takes to complete the entire project, the modular building method saves considerable costs in financing and damaged or lost materials.

When approaching personnel and cost management on a traditional construction project, both lenders and borrowers need to consider the time it will take to complete the project from start to finish, as well as the material waste from the process. According to the National Science and Technology Council, the construction industry accounts for 40% of primary energy consumption and 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US, and approximately 135 million tons of construction-related waste is placed in America’s landfills every year.

Inplant with barrier rail

Offsite manufacturing of buildings dramatically reduces waste by utilizing repetition of production that allows material resources to be accurately measured and strategically applied for best use. If excess materials result from one construction job, the enclosed facility provides a perfect place to store leftover materials and recycle them to use on the next project. This not only helps to save the environment, but also saves customers money that could have gone into a dumpster if they’d chosen conventional onsite construction. In addition, because all the parts of the construction process are managed within the manufacturing facility all personnel required to complete the job are on-staff and ready to go. Compare this to the arduous task of hiring subcontractors for plumbing and electrical work. Modular construction professionals are ready to go for every aspect of the building process without additional cost or stress to the customer.

Quality control is one of the modular industry’s best assets. Buildings are designed and created to precise specifications and overbuilt to withstand the stresses of transportation. Also, because buildings are assembled in sections,  they are also easily disassembled if the owner so chooses. If the time comes when the structure needs to move to a new location and/or used for a new purpose, it can be expanded, reconfigured or relocated for a comparatively low cost, extending the service life of the structure and proving the sustainability of modular.

Modular construction is quickly growing in popularity as a cost-effective, environmentally friendly construction option in comparison to its traditional on-site alternative.

This guest post was written by the team at ModSpace, a leading North American provider of temporary buildings. ModSpace offers a wide variety of office building products, including prefab offices and modular offices. For more information, follow them on Twitter @modspacecorp.

Heighten your Security with a Prefabricated Guard House

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There is nothing more important than keeping your building safe, and there are many different things to take into account when accomplishing that end. You have plenty of internal threats to deal with, for example there could be electrical failures, and even difficulty with employees. Anything that threatens your profit is a risk, but what about security risks? There are plenty of those for you to concern yourself with, and if you wish to stop them before they start, then you might consider using a guard booth or security booth to protect your interests. Outside threats are always going to be a problem, but for the most part, they are also going to be preventable. What can a guard shack provide you exactly?

  • 24/7 Monitoring of your Facility
  • Constant Communication
  • Controlled Parking
  • Keycard/ID Controlled Entry
  • Constant Video Feeds
  • Extended Reach

All in all, having a guard booth is an outstanding way of keeping an eye on your facility, and at a fairly decent price. It might not be as effective as building an electric fence or digging a moat, but it does get the job done. Essentially, your guard booth is going to work as an early warning system, ensuring that you know what’s happening on your property, when it is happening, and how it will affect you. Guard booths can be active any time of the day, or night, ensuring full and total security. It’s definitely something you will want to try, but how do you get started? Obviously you will need to obtain a guard shack, but where? How do you go about getting it? The Panel Built guard booth is one of the best in the industry, and for good reason.

Panel Built has long been known for its devotion to excellence, as well as buildings that can stand the test of time. Panel Built is an expert at creating prefabricated metal buildings that can withstand virtually anything. From storms, to rainfall, and even acts of vandalism, Panel Built know what it is doing, as a company, we are ready to meet any needs you may have. We are outstanding at making full sized structures, so just imagine our impregnable line of guard towers!

A Miniature Paradise

The guard shack is often something to complain about, at least n many other job sides that we have seen. We strive to make things different, however. Instead of a small sweaty box for your security personnel, we offer a small environment that is properly cooled or heated depending on the situation. Properly installed insulation ensures that whatever the environment, it remains that way until such time as you need it to change. The guard house by Panel Built is nearly a paradise, built and designed to meet the needs of anyone who ever wears the security guard uniform.

When you order a Panel Built security booth one of the biggest decisions that you will need to make, aside from the size, is how you want it put together. You can choose to either have it pre-assembled and shipped, or you could opt to put it together on-site. It all depends upon what you need and of course what is going to be the most convenient option for the company.

All prefabricated security guard houses from panel built are custom made to ensure the satisfaction of every single customer. Do you have a specific feature that you would like to request? Is there a specific color that you would much prefer for your guard booths? We can work with you on not only the shape and size, but also the exterior color to help make sure that our custom built jobs match what you have already built, whether you are using our buildings for the rest of your operation or not. To make it even better, the modular guard house from Panel Built utilizes what is known as the ‘One Hour’ system, meaning it can withstand fire for up to one hour. The panels consist of 6/8 Fire-Shield gypsum board, with a mineral wool insulation. All of this is held together tightly by 26 gauge galvanized steel studs. When we designed our booths, we wanted them to not only intercept security threats, but also natural(or not) threats that could compromise the safety of those within. In any business, thinking ahead is key, especially when it comes to safety.

where to buy prefabricated guard houses

The size of our guard booths can enable you to install virtually any system you need. From high end video monitoring systems, to charging stations for equipment. It is also well known that guards could spend several hours within the shack, and with that being the case, there will always be plenty of room for refreshments should you choose to go that route.

Finally, we would mention that a Panel Built guard booth can be placed in a variety of locations. For example, most companies will choose to place them near the edge of their property to ensure that no unwanted individuals make it through. Then again, maybe your threats are closer to home, or perhaps you don’t want your portable guard house to be seen. On that note it is portable, and it can be moved into virtually any location. From the outside of the building, and even the inside if you wish to add a checkpoint for employees or visitors as they enter your facility. The choices are virtually unlimited when it comes to these booths, and you will find that sooner, rather than later, they become a very important part of your work infrastructure. It’s time to start investigating these booths, and making sure you are ready to meet any threats, internal, external, natural, or unnatural. Whatever it is, a guard booth is most certainly going to be your first line of defense.