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Sound Enclosures

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inplant3 2x

Having an office in a busy and loud facility can distract from other important job functions. A sound enclosure can create a comfortable work environment while still having the option to oversee production operations.


Modular Buildings can be seamlessly reconfigured, relocated and removed as your needs change. When using conventional construction this is not an option.  The flexibility does not take away from the general aesthetics of the building and can be customized to fit your specific needs

Sound-Deadening Options

  • High STC Doors – there is an option in the price sheet for STC 45 Doors
  • Windows – to achieve the highest sound deadening possible, eliminate windows. If necessary, offer an upgrade to ¼” wire glass or ¼” laminate glass.
  • Panel Connection – for most applications, a binder post system with mineral wool stuffed in the exterior raceway should suffice. To achieve maximum sound blocking though, utilize a divider strip system with mineral wool stuffed in the cavity between panels.
  • 2 and 3 Story Systems – if combustibility is not an issue include ½” sound stop board under the Advantech sub-floor of the 2nd and 3rd If insurance requires non-combustible floor assemblies, just add a layer of mineral wool between floors in the plenum of drop ceiling.
  • Penetrations – keep all wall, floor and ceiling penetrations to a minimum. It is a good idea to include a door sweep for either side of doors.

Why Panel Built is the Right Choice

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients space needs and providing creative solutions within their budgets. Our customer, dealer, and employee relationships are the foundation of our company.

  • Flexibility – Panel Built modular offices and mezzanines are 100% relocatable and expandable. We offer many options to buy or lease, as well as assistance with financing.
  • Quality – Matchless strength and durability, is the “core” of our building quality. Our light-weight, highly portable structural panels meet all military specifications and exceed most national building codes and OSHA requirements.
  • Warranty – Every PBI Building and Mezzanine owner is provided an exclusive warranty of our workmanship. We stand behind our products!
  • Expertise – Years of experience with an impressive array of standard and custom jobs enable us to help you through every step of your project




Benefits of a Modular Shipping Office

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How to Create a Modular Shipping Office

modular shipping officeShipping can be an important part of any business structure. Many businesses need space to process their regular flow of mail and send correspondence or packages. Unfortunately, this space also takes up very valuable areas of the building that could be better utilized. Investing in a modular shipping office is a wise move for any medium or large-sized business.

Modular buildings are already being used across the world for different purposes. Strong metal structures and low price points allow owners to take full advantage of what a modular building has to offer. The modular structure is perfect for a shipping office because it allows easy access to the mail and sorting areas without being too far away from the building. Owners also have the flexibility to add to the building whenever they wish, giving them a great design advantage.

Modular structures are build off property, allowing manufacturers to cut costs significantly. By working in an assembly-line fashion, they are able to pass the savings on to the buyer. The buyer can receive their high-quality building in as little as two days when production companies like Panel Built use this method.

What Can Affect the Shipping Office Price

There are many factors to consider when trying to come up with a shipping office price. Many businesses take advantage of custom options that can easily add to the cost or slow down production. Because each building is an investment, you will want to work with a company that has experience working with modular buildings, can provide you with a high-quality product and operates online.

An online operation does not have many of the overhead costs that other traditional builders may have. Because their costs are less, they are able to pass additional savings on to their customers. Panel Built, for example, will show you many unexpected ways that you can save money on your project.

Another thing that can greatly affect the shipping office price is the number of rooms and features that they have. Almost anything can be added to a modular building. Common additions include small break rooms with kitchens, bathrooms and air conditioning. Custom light fixtures can also be added to help improve efficiency. Your shipping office may even look like a small house upon completion. The final design is always created to fit your business’ needs perfectly.

The layout of the modular system can also be adapted to help increase efficiency. Shipping offices tend to have very distinct layouts, but these will change depending on the needs of the business. Storage, for example, is crucial for businesses mailing out large boxes on a regular basis. Other buildings may require a larger sorting station or a drive-thru window to help process mail quicker. Having a simple modular structure allows you to expand quickly or rearrange parts of the building that are no longer necessary. This makes the building a more practical asset and allows the company to continue saving money long after the structure is built.

The more flexible a business is, the better off it is. Corporations can easily take advantage of multi-purpose spaces. Creating the best structures available may add to the price; however, these increases are not significant enough to make it a less fruitful investment. Businesses can really thrive when they have all of the space they need.

Where to Find Shipping Office for Sale

shipping office for saleThere are several options available when it comes to buying a modular building. The modular structure allows buildings to be sold when they are no longer needed, so it is possible to find a used structure. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to research used buildings for sale. This means that they need to work with a company that can not only produce a custom structure, but do so as quickly as possible.

Panel Built stands by its shipping policy with 2-Day Quick Ship options available. These manufactured shipping offices are delivered ready to use. The short assembly time allows you to reduce downtime and get the most out of your space.

Because of Panel Built’s extensive experience, the company has very high standards when it comes to prefabricated buildings. They use only the best materials available and work with cutting-edge technology to create structures that you can be proud to call your own.

Personalized care is also important to Panel Built. Their customer service team wants to help you find a building that perfectly suits your needs and exceeds your expectations. This means paying close attention to detail and offering plenty of information on the designs they offer.

If your commercial building is ready to expand, a modular shipping office may be the perfect solution to your space issues. By allowing you to place the building in previously unused space, corporations are able to start getting the most out of the property that they already own.

Whether you own a factory, warehouse or large commercial building, your shipping office is important. Having the space to properly distribute your mail will increase efficiency throughout your building, allowing you to complete projects at a much faster rate.

Contact Panel Built today if you are interested in finding a shipping office for sale in your area. A Panel Built customer service representative will be happy to provide you with more information so that you can make an informed decision about your purchase.

Picture of the Month – July 2014

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mezz23′ x 16′ Mezzanine

This month’s winner was sold by Pete Williams at Thompson Lift Truck to a German Auto Parts manufacturer. The 23′ x 16′ mezzanine had a deck height of over 13′ and was equipped with bar grating treads and a diamond plate deck. 

The mezzanine will be used to hold the electrical panels and cooling equipment associated with a very large stamping machine that is going into the facility. 

The end customer is “very happy” with the mezzanine and installation and is looking forward to moving their equipment in to place (below the mezzanine). 

Remember, if you have any pictures of a recently completed Panel Built project, send them in to for your chance to be the Project of the Month and win a $25 Gift Card!

Modular Laser Enclosures

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4358 Kawasaki Laser enclosure

In the laser manufacturing industry, operator and plant safety is a critical concern. Because of the danger and risk associated with this type of work environment, it becomes a top priority to protect workers and expensive equipment should any type of malfunction occur. For this reason, placing an enclosure around the full perimeter and above the laser system is of critical importance. Panel Built Laser Rooms can be custom designed and built right around your existing equipment with all safety needs met. Add removable walls or roll up doors to fit your specific need.

Safe Construction

A modular laser enclosure can be constructed Safer than conventional construction because they:

  • Modular Construction improves the overall safety involved in the construction process by removing about 80 percent of building construction activity.
  • The simplicity of modular building methods requires fewer workers and fewer moving parts on the job , resulting in fewer accidents.
  • Create a controlled environment for more efficient laser operation

Green Building

Modular buildings are greener. Their parts can be disassembled, refurbished and reused. Approximately 60 to 90 percent of modular construction is completed in a factory, which means all excess materials and inventory can be managed and recycled more efficiently. Also, because modular buildings are assembled in a controlled setting away from the weather, the potential for moisture being trapped in the materials decreases significantly.

Why Panel Built is the Right Choice

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients space needs and providing creative solutions within their budgets. Our customer, dealer, and employee relationships are the foundation of our company.

  • Flexibility – Panel Built modular offices and mezzanines are 100% relocatable and expandable. We offer many options to buy or lease, as well as assistance with financing.
  • Quality – Matchless strength and durability, is the “core” of our building quality. Our light-weight, highly portable structural panels meet all military specifications and exceed most national building codes and OSHA requirements.
  • Warranty – Every PBI Building and Mezzanine owner is provided an exclusive warranty of our workmanship. We stand behind our products!
  • Expertise – Years of experience with an impressive array of standard and custom jobs enable us to help you through every step of your project.

What is a Class 1,000 Cleanroom

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Generally used in scientific research facilities, a class 1,000 cleanroom is a type of controlled environment that has a minimal amount of pollutants in it. Everything from microbes to chemical vapors, dust and aerosol particles will be kept at levels far lower than anywhere else in the facility. Specifically, a cleanroom is able to control the amount of contamination in the air based upon how many particles there are in a cubic meter.

Think about it: in a typical city environment, there are 35,000,000 particles floating around in every cubic meter of space that are 0.5 millimeters or larger in size. Can you imagine all of those particles floating around in the space around you? As hard as it might seem, there are particles everywhere you look, regardless of whether you see them or not.

Overview of a Cleanroom

A modular cleanroom mezzanine can be used in just about every type of industry where these miniscule particles can cause damage to the manufacturing process. They can vary in complexity and size. However, they are commonly used in industries like pharmaceuticals, medical device, semiconductor manufacturing, biotech and life sciences. Other industries like military, aerospace, Department of Energy and optics also use these cleanrooms in their facilities.

Prefabricated non-metallic cleanrooms are a contained space where there have been provisions made to reduce contamination from particles and control a number of different parameters from the environment such as pressure, humidity and temperature. To make these cleanrooms as effective as they are, a HEPA filter works to trap all of the particles that are at least 0.3 micron in size or larger. All of the air that comes into the cleanroom has to pass through the HEPA filter first. In certain instances, when the air needs to be exceptionally free of contaminants, an ultra-low particulate filter is put in place.

For those who have to work in these cleanrooms, you will have to undergo a tremendous amount of training to make sure you understand how to control contamination. Personnel will enter and exit the room using an airlock, gowning room or air shower. Special clothing is needed to make sure all of the contaminants produced by the body and skin is trapped inside of the clothing and doesn’t get filtered into the air.

Based upon the overall function of the cleanroom, personnel clothing might range from a hairnet and lab coat to that of a fully enveloped multi-layered suit with a breathing apparatus. Every business and situation is different, but there are plenty of options to make sure your environment is safe and secure for your specific needs.

modular cleanrooms available onlineCleanroom apparel will help to prevent any substances from leaving the individual’s body and contaminating your sterile environment. The clothing prevents any fibers or particles from entering into the air to ensure the environment is safe and secure. If the contamination were to enter the air and degrade the performance of the product, it could cause a tremendous amount of infection between patients and medical personnel in a healthcare setting.

Garments in cleanrooms often include aprons, shoes, boots, bouffant caps, beard covers, frocks, face masks, gloves, gowns, hoods, hairnets, finger cots, shoe covers and sleeves. The garments used in the cleanroom should be largely reflective of the specific product being produced in the environment. A low-level room might only require personnel to wear special shoes that don’t track in dirt or dust. Even though a smooth sole might be needed to prevent contamination, they also have to be safe for the individual in the cleanroom. Safety is the main concern.

Most of the time, a cleanroom suit is required before entering into the cleanroom. While a class 10,000 cleanroom might need nothing more than a head cover, booties and a simple smock, class 1,000 cleanrooms are going to be far more stringent in their requirements needed before an individual can enter the space.

Now, you can find your wall systems for modular cleanrooms available online from a vendor you can trust. Before you know it, you will have the sterile environment your business needs up and running in no time. Once your cleanroom is in place, you won’t have to worry about any contamination occurring inside of your space. Order your modular cleanroom today.

Prefabricated Metal Buildings – A Lifesaver for Any Business

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Congo-Admin building

In order for a business to succeed it need to not only have good leadership, but also an eye on finances. At some point you may want to expand, and when that day finally comes, you will have to make some hard decisions. Raising a new building for example will definitely become one of those challenges, and one that you might not look forward to. What if, however,  you could save a considerable amount of money by using prefabricated metal buildings?

It might sound silly, but these buildings have been around since the dawn of the second world war, and they aren’t going anywhere fast. In fact, these metal prefabs are actually much tougher and more resilient than any brick and mortar counterpart they might have. If you think about it, there are plenty of weaknesses in a standard brick and mortar building, but a metal building will actually take quite the pounding and they can even remain standing in the face of bad weather. For this reason, many companies in New Orleans have started utilizing these buildings, and the best part, is that they can be anything you want them to be.

Beyond the Pole Barn

When most people think of a metal building, they usually consider  something like a pole barn, which is an outstanding idea for a structure. It can be a little bit noisy but it is  much more stable, and when it comes to protecting your tools and lifestock, you certainly cannot go wrong. The interesting thing about these barns and metal buildings is that they do not necessarily have to be utility buildings.

If you look at all of the different uses for metal buildings you will quickly find that you can establish one for  virtually any treason. For example there are some who will use them for livestock, and there are others who will actually use them for office buildings. So long as they are properly insulated and prepared for the job ahead, these buildings will be absolutely incredible, and they will most certainly stand the test of time.


Before you invest too much money into one of these barns, it might be a good idea for you to investigate the price. The absolute cost will be determined heavily by the type of building that you are choosing. Custom buildings are always a possibility when you are dealing with metal buildings, but whenever you order one, the company will actually be forced to change their entire template.

That being the case, it would be a good idea to make sure you have a very specific purpose in mind, or you could simply make use of one of the prefabricated models. Once you choose one, you can either have your own builders erect it on your own land, or you could actually commission the company to help you out. In the event you choose your own builders, you will be provided with a full blueprint as well as the load bearing information for the building, which will come in handy depending upon your location.

The Load Bearing Information

reputable steel buildings manufacturerThe thing about these buildings is that they have a specific load bearing capacity depending upon how they are built. For example, in colder areas it will be important for the company in question to calculate the snow load, which is more difficult than other loads. This is generally because snow does not pile on the roof evenly, and because it is unpredictable.

There are other loads to consider of course, for example, the load involved when an individual leans against the building, r the wind load, which is a given no matter where your building is located. There are of course several other types of loads that you will need to consider before you order your building or have it commissioned. The load bearing information will be listed on the website along with other vital details that you will need to know before you buy one of these amazing buildings.

Steel buildings can cost several thousand dollars, but in the end, they tend to cost far less than their brick and mortar counterparts. For one thing they are easier to maintain, and they are much easier to heat and cool. Because they are usually pre-designed, they can be erected in a period of weeks rather than the months that it would typically take. This is a great idea, especially if you happen to be in a hurry, whether you are simply expanding your business or trying to add new buildings to your campus.

No matter what sort of business you are running, or what kind of development you wish to create, you will find that these metal buildings give you an advantage that you may never have seen coming. IF you are interested in erecting some of the greatest structures your property will ever see, then now would be the time to browse the website of a reputable steel buildings manufacturer, investigate the price, and ultimately begin making plans. You could go with a pre-fab which will save you money, or you might let your creative juices flow, ultimately creating a work of art that will serve to create an incredible aesthetic.

Metal buildings are an incredible creation and one that you can enjoy for many years to come. Start planning your metal structure today and see whether or not it can become a reality. From the blueprint, to the materials, and the final building, it is an outstanding journey and one that will make a mark on your property for quite a few years to come. It’s time for you to get started!