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Pre Built Portable Building Office

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Believe it or not, these days savvy business people, as well as smart homeowners, are purchasing portable buildings!  Yes, today’s modular buildings can be designed and constructed to fit many purposes. And when you select one of the many pre built portable building office, warehouse of home designs, you will enjoy the luxury of a brick and mortar building while keeping the portability only these buildings allow.

Our beautiful pre built buildings allow you to get into your new building quickly and much more economically that a traditional building.  But perhaps you are wondering about the different ways these buildings are being used today.

Portable Offices and Classrooms


One way that portable offices are being used is as faculty space and school classrooms.  Many school districts are seeking space for their growing number of students and faculty.  School administrators are delighted when their beautiful buildings were quickly erected. They also like the buildings because they blend in beautifully with the other campus buildings.

Other companies have used portable buildings because of an ambitious growth plan. They have made arrangements to have new, permanent buildings constructed, but still have an urgent need for additional space right now.  They have found both pre built portable building offices and warehouses are the perfect solution for their temporary problem!

Portable Buildings


One of the greatest things about our beautiful modular buildings is the simplicity with which they can be disassembled and moved . They provide the best way for a business to use all its available land without purchasing additional real estate.  In fact, many of the companies we work with lease their land. They find no reason to foot the huge bill associated with purchasing commercial property and and then constructing commercial buildings.

Do you have a need for additional office space?  Perhaps you need more storage room or garage space.  If so, pre built portable building offices and warehouses can be adapted for all of these functions and more.  In fact, if you look around you will find portable modular buildings are being used by more and more businesses in a wide assortment of innovative ways,

The Secret Is In The Portable Building Panel Kits


Because our buildings come as portable building panel kits they can quickly be erected and quickly taken down. This portability makes them perfect for so many different uses. Do you need a building at a venue that will only be used for a short time? Perhaps your business is putting on a trade show, a carnival, or a musical event. If so, your portable building kit can quickly be erected for your event. When the event is over, it can be moved to your next event or stored away until needed.

You may be wondering how many pre built portable building office or warehouse designs are available and if there is one that will fit your needs.  Be assured that these portable buildings come in a wide assortment of designs and sizes. There is absolutely no question we have the right building for you!

Did you know that many people have purchased modular buildings for their permanent or vacation homes?  Many customers come to us after purchasing land and want an economical way to build a new home. Our beautiful modular homes come in many unique styles and finishes. There is a design for every purpose and every taste!

Often times both businesses and homeowners have their new building constructed on a permanent foundation for long term use.  In doing so they saved thousands of dollars over normal construction costs!  How you use the building is up to you. It can be set up as a permanent structure that will last for decades to come — or a temporary building that will be moved from place to place. You can even rent your building on a short-term basis.

If you have the need for a new building, take the time to come and look at some of our outstanding designs. Purchasing a portable building can provide you with a short-term solution to a temporary space problem, or a money saving way to provide a permanent facility you will occupy for years to come. For more information, click here.

Factors to Consider when Planning your In plant Office

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  • Number of People using the office
  • Location of the office in your facility
  • Environment around the office location. Will the location take away from valuable work or storage space? If so, office on a Mezzanine is an option.
  • Total cost including upkeep.
  • Is there space if expansion is needed?
  • Note the traffic by the office. Will you need barrier rails?

The Used Modular Building Process

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Defining the Additional Space

When you contact a modular building dealer, by phone or through their website, you can expect to be asked quite a few questions, many of which you will know answers to and some to which you may not.  The modular building dealer will want to thoroughly understand your space need so they can help you narrow down the pre-leased inventory of modular buildings to those that meet your need.   Some of the questions a dealer will ask may be similar to these:

  • What will the building be used for?
  • How long will you need the relocatable building?
  • Do you expect to purchase or lease the building? 
  • How many square feet do you need?
  • How many occupants do you expect in the building?
  • Do you have a layout in mind?  If not, what type of rooms do you need and how many?
  • Where will the building be located?
  • How soon do you need to occupy the building?
  • Do you lease or own the property where the used modular will be located?
  • Are there utilities, sewer, and water at the site?
  • Is the site where the building will be situated, level or sloped?
  • What is the ground consistency at the location you want to place the building?
  • Is the desired building location open and accessible?


Budgetary Estimate (optional)

Often a single individual investigates modular buildings on their own to gather information for the benefit of a team or board of directors to review so that a determination can be made as a whole.  The budgetary estimate can provide enough information necessary to help move the decision forward without having settled on all the specifics.  Budgetary estimates generally consists of broad round numbers with wide ranging exclusions and clarifications giving an idea of what the building could cost for budgeting and decision making purposes.  It is important to understand that the final contract can often vary greatly from the original budgetary figures as the project develops. 

Design (optional)


Used prefab buildings are already built to certain state codes but many times limited layout changes can be made as long as they fall within those codes.  A modular dealer will help you identify a few of the best used modular buildings in their fleet to meet your layout and space requirements and work with you to make any floor plan changes ensuring that they remain within the constraints of the current state codes.  It is critical that you confirm with the dealer whether the changes will cost extra.

Interior colors, floor coverings, and other finishes are often discussed and selected during the design stage of the process.  There will be more flexibility on the selection options if you are purchasing or finance leasing the used modular building.

Formal Proposal


The formal proposal allows clients to see everything together before executing a contract.  A typical proposal may include: 

  • Delineation of responsibilities (what works is being done and who is doing it)
  • Pricing (a base price may be given with options broken out for a-la-carte selection)
  • Project Schedule
  • Terms
  • Clarifications (defines anything ambiguous or not otherwise mentioned in the proposal)
  • Exclusions (what is not being included)
  • Floor Plan and building specifications




In most cases permits are obtained by the customer but can be secured by the modular dealer, typically for an additional fee.  This part of the process is where things may get bogged down so it is important to find out what the local officials require as early in the overall process as possible because the actual approval of the permit application can take significant time.  Timing of approval can often vary significantly from location to location.



The contract is the turning point where decision making turns into action.  Leasing contracts will typically be lengthier than sale contracts because they include terms regarding maintenance, renewal options, tear down and return, building ownership, etc.

Building Modifications (optional)


Changes decided upon as a result of the modular building design component, if any, are carried out at this time.

Site Preparation


Site preparation may include excavation and foundation installation depending on the project requirements.  Typically minimal site preparation is required for small portable buildings being installed on level solid ground. 

Delivery & Installation


Each module is delivered separately to the site.  The individual building components are placed on the foundation and appropriately secured.  The exterior mate lines, where the buildings meet up, are seamed with weather proof roofing and facade materials.  Electrical, data, plumbing, and HVAC connections are completed between each module, after which the final finish floor and wall materials are completed at the interior mate lines.  Finally the skirting is placed around the bottom of the building to cover the space between the bottom of the building and the ground.

At the time the used modular building is set up and seamed, the external connections are made to incoming electric, water, sewer, and data lines as applicable.



A certificate of occupancy is issued by the local authorities after all the appropriate inspections have been completed and the inspectors have signed off on the necessary documentation.

Every modular building dealer handles used building transactions differently but you can expect to follow a very similar process to this one.  Although timing can vary drastically depending on the building size and project scope, most used buildings take somewhere between 3 weeks and 5 months, start to finish.  It is very important to make sure you have a clear understanding of what work the dealer is providing and what you are responsible for.

The 21st Century Guard Booth Solution

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Does your operation require a guard booth, check point, security shelter or a similar type of installation? If so, you should consider the sensible and modern solution that a modular building can provide. These steel-walled buildings provide the strength and durability that you need. They can also be delivered to your property with the speed and cost that you desire.

What To Know About Modular Guard Booths

– These buildings can grow with your needs
– They can be customized to your own unique specifications
– Secure steel plates can make them bullet-resistant for the safety of your people
– Expect fast construction and installation times

Just because these are manufactured buildings, do not assume they are low-quality. In fact, they are carefully manufactured by high-tech equipment in a 21st century style of factory. This equipment and construction method allows these buildings to be produced faster without any sacrifice of quality.

The efficient modular design of each section of the building also makes it easy to customize booths for the unique needs of different customers. While a variety of designs can be ordered from a catalog, customers can also work with an in-house design team to create a custom solution that has never been built before.

The modular design also gives you room to grow. Today you might only need a small guard booth to house one guard. In the future, it your needs change so you need to house multiple guards, you can expand your shelter. In fact, you can even create an entire security suite of offices with multiple rooms. There are few limitations to what you can do with these modular buildings.

Security-Booth1-300x198Of course, the main concern of most customers is for the safety of their people. Steel plates can be ordered to make the walls and windows of the building bullet-resistant. This means that you can be sure that your security personal and their equipment are kept as safe as possible. Because it is possible to order these units constructed to ballistics-rated specifications, they have become a popular choice with police and military units.

Have you ever waited for buildings to get constructed the old-fashioned way. Have those building projects ever gone over their budgets and deadlines. This is not an uncommon problem. Concerns over cost, time, and the possible disruption of normal business operations prevent some managers from ordering the security shelters that their operations require.

When you order one of these fabricated security booths, you will know when to expect delivery. After delivery, the booth can be taken down from the truck and installed within hours. If you get delivery in the morning, it is very likely that you will be able to use your new building by the end of the day. This almost seems too good to be true, but it is very possible with this new technology.

Would you like to explore this solution further? Why not visit here in order to find out more about these modular guard booths for your operation.