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January 2012 – Midwestern Gas & Oil Company

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Project Picture of the Month – January 2012

inplant office

Modular Inplant Office on a Mezzanine

This building is a control room at a gas and oil refinery in Texas. The project was sold through Shannon Posey at Rose Office Systems in Alabama. Rose Office Systems will be installing several similar projects for this customer in the midwest this year.

The system is a 10×30 inplant office on a mezzanine, and it stands 20′ tall. The panels are explosion rated and clad with 1/4″ powder-coated steel plating on the outside.

Cabinet grade plywood was used in the panels to help support the steel, which weighed approximately 10 pounds per square foot. The windows are impact resistant glass.

office on mezzanine

Panel Built installer Robert Miller took these pictures, and he will receive $25 for his efforts. Congratulations Robert!The entire system was bolted together in the field, and the install took two weeks. 

rear angle of inplant