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Warehouse Organization and Mezzanine Floors

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Understandably, inventory can get out of control in your warehouse at any time. Whether it is from a seasonal fluctuation in goods, over buying, or just simply growth in your organization, warehouse overcrowding is not always a bad thing, but it will always bring bad results.  They can lead to a unfavorable warehouse environment, causing poor habits and putting your company in the red…

How Does an Overcrowded or Unorganized Warehouse Affect Your Business?

Loss in Efficiency

Warehouse MezzanineGenerally, having a cluttered warehouse reduces the overall traffic that may safely travel through an area. Thus, moving product from one point in the warehouse to another becomes a much more complex and wasteful task. Eventually, your warehouse can get bogged down… Moving one set of inventory to get to another set of inventory, then you have to replace the initial set of inventory where it was in order to not block a third set of inventory… You get the idea. This type of clutter and unorganization will do nothing but add time to your work processes, losing you money. 

Warehouse Perception

On top of all these inefficiencies a cluttered warehouse can bring to light some pretty serious red flags to visitors and employees alike.  When a potential client or customer comes into your warehouse, there is one thing that they want to see more than anything else, dependability. They want to be assured that you will be able to deliver on your promise to them 100%, and if your warehouse does not inspire that type of confidence, you might as well be throwing money out the window. Plus, the employees who have to work in this warehouse day in and day out may see an overcrowded warehouse and assume that their supervisor either is: A. not worried about their work environment, or B. simply letting the warehouse get out of hand. Neither situation will inspire much confidence. And ultimately, a well-organized warehouse, with plenty of room, allows for an overall smoother and safer operation for all.

How can a Mezzanine Floor System Help?

Large Mezzanine

Drastic Increase in Floor Space

At a certain point, even the most organized and well put together warehouse can reach its breaking point. You can only add so much inventory until you need to expand in one way or another.  For some companies, they look to add on to their current warehouse. However, stick built construction can put a halt on certain warehouse processes, and can even complicate processes further down the road.  For other companies, they build UP! With a mezzanine floor system, you can add an intermediate floor above your warehouse floor, allowing you to practically double the amount of usable space in your facility. Say goodbye to all that cluttered and messy warehouse and say hello to your warehouse 2.0!


But the best part of our mezzanine floor systems is probably their versatility.  They do an amazing job of storing everything from machine to excess inventory. However, they are often used to help streamline warehouse processes as well! They can be used as a platform for conveyor systems above your warehouse floor, or even as catwalks to allow foot traffic to go directly from one end of the warehouse to the other. You can even put an office on top of one, so you do not have to use up any of your storage space on the warehouse floor.


Overall, a Panel Built mezzanine provides you with a fantastic alternative to freeing up space in a warehouse setting. With a short lead time and easy install, you can have your warehouse nearly double in size in no time.  If you want to learn more about our mezzanines, or start a mezzanine project of your own, contact our sales team, or request a quote on our site.

Modular Construction: The Greener Way to Build

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Traditional construction faces many issues when it comes to the handling, creation, and recycling of wasted materials.  In fact, an NAHB study found that an estimated 8,000 lbs of waste is created from the construction of a 2,000 square foot building. These squandered materials are all standard materials that you would use to construct a building: wood, brick, insulation, drywall, etc. However, only an estimated 20% of these leftover construction materials are actually re-purposed or recycled, according to The American Institute of Architects. On top of that, the AIA states that “it is estimated that anywhere from 25 to 40 percent of the national solid waste stream is building-related waste.”[1] And in 2009 the Construction Materials Recycling Association, estimated that construction and demolition waste from building construction was around 325 million tons annually. So, in a society that constantly pushes for greener solutions across all facets of life, what alternatives do companies have to be more eco-friendly?

Modular SustainabilityFire Tower

The processes that go into modular construction allow for far more accountable and ecological building methods.   Modular construction takes advantage of a process known as “Mass Customization.”  When constructing a modular building, the same paneling that used to create one building can be snapped into place on another building.  However, you can still design the building practically however you want!  Therefore, any paneling left unused after a job, can simply be used on the next one. Plus, they will not need to be moved very far because all structures are built in our own facilities, ensuring they will not go to waste. And we use CAD software to map out all our prefabricated projects, so we know the exact amount of materials that need to go into each job.

The factory setting also allows us to better control our inventory and regulate the working conditions, in comparison to traditional construction. While most construction sites have delays due to inclement weather, the modular construction process takes place indoors, keeping our moisture levels low in our materials, preventing damage.  While our employees construct the building indoors, the project site is being set up for installation.  Therefore, with these two processes occurring simultaneously, the building site receives far less disturbance from foot traffic, machinery, equipment, and materials.

Ultimately, the same paneling that allows us to use Mass Customization also supports recycling efforts.  Our buildings are designed to be installed and disassembled easily. So when a building is no longer of use, instead of being demolished like traditional construction, the paneling can simply be taken apart and reused. This allows you to drastically cut down on waste in the deconstruction process as well.  Many of the structures are also movable, so the same building can be moved to another location to serve another purpose for you.

The Panel Built DifferencePanel Built Factory

Here at Panel Built, we try our best to reduce waste in every stage of our projects because waste equals inefficiencies, and we hate inefficiencies.

Our first step of waste reduction comes in our attention to detail in the design process.  Our sales people work with clients to ensure every detail of your project is mapped out and taken care of.  Then, the project and all of the details are sent to our engineering department, where they meticulously design every aspect of the structure.  From this point, we have all the materials we need mapped out, down to every last nut and bolt. From there, we simply take the required pieces from inventory and get to work on the factory floor.

In the factory, inventory is easier to control than a traditional construction site.  All materials have set storage areas that provide easy management and movement.  In fact, WRAP, an organization dedicated to resource efficiency, stated that “Volumetric (modular) building systems are the ultimate in offsite manufacturing technology and their substitution for traditional building methods typically leads to a virtual elimination of all wastage bar excavation spoil for ground preparation.”[2]They also showed that an estimated 70-90% of construction waste can be eliminated through offsite construction practices.

Overall, Panel Built believes in efficiency and sustainability in all aspects of our business.  We design our factories for our employees to quickly grab and transport materials.  We design our construction process to ensure every piece of material is used to its fullest potential. And we design our products to be made quick, durable, and perfect for our customers.  Our modular buildings and structures provide a world class product to your company, while also providing an eco-friendly solution for the environment.





Tower Systems For Sale via Panel Built Inc.

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Exteriors, Towers (15)Working with Panel Built provides you with a number of options when considering a tower system project. Whether you’re looking for a fire tower, watch tower, guard tower, even a combat training tower(!), we have the experience and the pieces to complete every aspect of your project. Many consider these types of towers our specialty because it combines stair system/mezzanine and our prefabricated buildings into one project!

Tower and Stair System

The stair systems we construct for our towers will be very similar to what you would find on one of our mezzanine systems, except the system will rotate around the structure. With a landing at least every 12 feet in accordance with IBC code, our steel stairs are all powder coated rather than using regular paint in order to provide a more durable and longer lasting color.  Standard colors are red, blue, yellow, black, grey, and white, but we can match practically any color on the spectrum. They designed specifically to meet all IBC and OSHA codes to ensure maximum safety.

Prefabricated BoothBallistic Tower

The arguably the most important part of the tower is the booth that sits at the top.  With our tower booths designed to be wind and weather resistant, the tower occupants will be as comfortable as possible (after they get done trudging up the stairs).  To help with this, all of our tower booths come with an HVAC and electric option to ensure 100% satisfaction. Not only will the view be excellent, the room will be comfy too. We also provide insulated rust-resistant aluminum skinned booths to ensure your booth stays top notch quality.

Overall, Panel Built Inc. is your one stop shop for turn key guard towers and watch towers. With all components manufactured on site here, we can have your tower designed, engineered, constructed and installed as quickly as possible. Previously, we have made these towers for the military, prison systems, fire watching, weather observation, and even obstacle courses! So if you have any type of tower need, rest assured that we at Panel Built Inc. can take care of it for you.

Panel Built, Customization, and You

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At Panel Built, we understand that all of our customers have varying needs for each of their projects. In some cases, urgency is key. They may need one of our products as soon as possible, like a guard house within a week.  But in other cases, a strong attention to detail and a perfectly tailored structure is needed, like developing a three story air-attack training tower.  We cater to both of these types of clients because we believe in total customer satisfaction.  At Panel Built, we pride ourselves on listening to our client’s space needs and providing creative solutions within their budgets.  For this reason, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive a product designed to meet their exact requirements with 100% satisfaction.

What to Consider when Planning your Modular Construction Project

Where will the project be located?

  • The location of the project will have a heavy impact on the dimensions of the structure, as well as the materials of which the structure will be made.

What is environment around this project?

  • The environment around the project can also affect the materials needed, and perhaps even extra protection via barrier or safety railing

How fast does the project need to be completed?

  • When considering a new project, always keep in mind that the modular construction process requires around 30%-50% less time than traditional construction.

Will the project involve any special requirements?

  • From fire resistance to sound control, we can specialize your project to best fit your specific needs.

Examples of our Made-To-Order Projects


Oceaneering Multiflex

A company based in Panama City that needed two operator control cabins to house sensitive equipment. However, they also needed it to be elevated, and able to withstand high winds in the middle of “Hurricane Alley.” We designed, engineered and constructed both structures with unique slanted walls and impact resistant tempered glass to give it a 130 mph wind load rating and a reduced glare from the sun.


Robins Air Force Base

The base needed modular office facilities with very tight time constraints. The offices needed to be capable of withstanding 50 mph wind loads, be weather proof, and needed to have one-hour fire rated material.  After a few proposals, Panel Built submitted this three story in-plant office system that satisfied all of the requirements in a quick fashion.


Overall, we at Panel Built are willing to help you with any project, big or small. Whether it’s a standard in-plant office or an Air Traffic Control Tower for an Army Airfield, we provide superior quality, dependable service, and innovative solutions. We invite you to experience the Panel Built difference and get a free quote today!


The Importance of Breakrooms in a Warehouse or Factory Setting

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1 (11)Almost all workplaces have their mentally taxing moments here and there. The constant pressure to meet deadlines, working overtime to finish a job, and ensuring top quality work at all times can create a very stressful job environment. In fact, the American Institution for Stress states that “workload” is the main cause of stress at 46%, and this number has increased over the past few decades. Constant stress can lead to many problems, for instance, brain fatigue.  Brain fatigue, or brain fog, is a state of brain confusion that can be either mild or quite severe.  Employees with brain fatigue can experience an inability to focus, and a dulling of your mental awareness.  For some people, this can lead to minor workplace errors like typos on reports or just sending an email to a wrong person, but for employees in a warehouse or factory environment, these errors may lead to much more severe consequences. A lack of concentration can lead to damaged products, or worse, a workplace injury.  One mishap, may it be a forklift accident, dropping materials on your foot, or even misplacing your fingers using a buzzsaw, could potentially be catastrophic for your business.  Keeping these types of accidents to an utter minimum is an absolute must for all manufacturing businesses, and reducing brain fatigue and stress is a great place to start.

So how can you enhance your workplace environment and reduce stress?

In a manufacturing environment, a breakroom can provide many benefits to employees and supervisors alike. The employees can have an area, isolated from the work environment, to relax and unwind. In this case, the breakroom becomes an area that boosts the moral of workers and allows them to come together as a group and collaborate on thoughts and ideas.  As for the supervisor, studies show that employee productivity actually increases, when they are allowed a few short breaks throughout their shift.  With a place to decompress, away from the loud and busy warehouse floor, the staff will be able to return to work refreshed and productive. Perhaps more importantly, reducing stress will help decrease brain fatigue and can actually lead to a healthier life.  With these benefits, the workplace can run more efficiently, and each employee can better focus on their task at hand. Ultimately, this creates a win-win scenario for the employees and managers.

In-plant, Single Story (23)

How can Panel Built help?

Panel Built specializes in Inplant Offices for warehouse and manufacturing settings.  Our offices can be equipped with powerful heating and cooling systems to ensure the comfort of all employees no matter what the environment. Also, at Panel Built, we whole-heartily believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, our customer support and sales staff will absolutely go the extra mile to ensure you are fully satisfied with your order.  Likewise, our inplant offices are more affordable than building your own separate breakroom and provide more convenience, since it will be located in your facility.  For added convenience, we can even install your new breakroom on a mezzanine system to keep from taking away from your storage space.

Overall, with a Panel Built modular office, you will receive a cost effective breakroom, which provides a comfortable and peaceful space away from the manufacturing floor. The office be will constructed, delivered, and installed for you in a fraction of the time that it would take traditional construction.  Our engineers will design each modular office to your exact specification, so customization is not an issue.  And finally, if space is an issue, our mezzanine office will provide all of these benefits, plus it will not take up extra space on the manufacturing floor.

We hope that you will consider Panel Built, Inc. for your next breakroom. From concept to completion, our superb Sales, Customer Service, Engineering and Installation teams will work with you every step of the way to ensure the success of your project. We look forward to working with you!

Four Needs a Modular Office Can Fill

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If you find yourself lacking office space, but expanding your existing footprint isn’t an option, you may want to consider a modular building by Panel Built. What is a modular office? Where do you get one? Specifically built for flexible use, Panel Built’s modular office provides a safe, quiet inplant office for staff and visitors. It is easy to install, extremely durable, and provides a clean, well-lit temperature controlled workplace in an environment that may otherwise be uncomfortable or uninhabitable for employees. In manufacturing plants, clean-rooms, industrial buildings, warehouses and other similar facilities, a modular office can provide the perfect escape from the work and noise when you need it most. And, we’re thrilled to let you know that there are cheap Panel Built in plant offices available online!

A Break Room for Employees

When you’re in an industrial facility, the work floor can be uncomfortable for employees, or even downright dangerous. It’s humane to have a place for your employees to gather, to rest, to eat, and to socialize when breaking from the job. Many times this space isn’t available in the existing footprint of the building, so a modular office is perfect to get the job done. It’s temperature controlled, so employees will surely be comfortable in there if working conditions aren’t. Some plants and facilities operate in extreme heat, so the cool air available plentifully in a modular office is a relief for employees!

A Place for a Supervisor

A modular office negates the obligation for a supervisor to walk the floor to check on employees. An office with windows perched on a mezzanine might overlook an entire floor, so a supervisor can get some work done while keeping a close eye on his employees and their productivity. Supervisors simply don’t have time to peruse the work floor, assess productivity, complete paperwork, communicate with contractors and clients, and meet with employees, so any assistance helps. The modular office makes all of this doable from one spot, without ever requiring a supervisor step foot outside of his office door.

A Place for a Few Office Cubes

There are many different facets to every operation – there’s usually an intensive mixture of manual labor workers, people managers, and office workers who all combine their abilities to keep an operation up and running successfully. In many cases, these people aren’t all in the same place, but sometimes they should be. An office accountant may be more efficient with his job if he has a better understanding of the product his company makes, how it’s made, and how it sells. For that reason, many companies have found it beneficial to keep vital office positions in the same work environment as other functioning parts of the company that they otherwise wouldn’t be around. A modular office is the perfect way to do this – to incorporate office jobs in with other job types. An inplant modular office would be great quarters for Human Resources, accounting, or marketing, for example.

A Place for Storage


Much is required within industrial plants and facilities – there’s all sorts of equipment, tools, paperwork and other location specific items lying around that need to find a home. What better place to store location specific items than a centrally located modular office in the facility itself? Storing items in an office will allow you to maintain one specific central location for all items that need a space for storage, so you’ll never wonder where you put it last. In addition, since modular offices are temperature controlled, you can rest assured that even the most sensitive of materials are in an environment that’s safe and healthy.

Lastly, we know there are several items you prefer to keep under lock and key. Keeping a modular office in the plant is a great way to lock up those items that don’t need to be laying around in the off time. Want to create a little more space? Put your modular office up on a mezzanine… you’ve added square footage for storage underneath the office that you would never have otherwise had!

Panel Built modular offices are the perfect solution to most any office need within a facility or plant! Use it for a break room, put a supervisor in there, make it a place for storage, or group a few desks together and make it a generalized work space for office employees. One thing is for sure- when you consider the quality, price, and customer service you’ll get with Panel Built… you’ll be glad you went with us!

How to Take Advantage of Portable Guard Booths

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Exteriors, Quick Ship Guard Booths (15)

Here at Panel Built we utilize pre-assembled building systems to give you fast and easy construction. We understand space, time, and and cost are valuable. Our pre-built systems are well suited for military, industrial, and even military space. When you need an immediate building solution Panel Built is ready to work for you.

Our pre-built systems are pre-assembled right in our factory. We have exterior and interior systems we can have shipped directly to your site. This includes guard booths which have an ease of mobility and versatility you can’t find anywhere else.

Portable Guard Booths are Perfect for Multiple Sites

We understand how in today’s society life in the fast lane is necessary. The same can be said for booths as well. If you have to guard multiple gates or entrances. Having a booth you can move right away is very important. Our portable booths are perfect for guarding multiple entrances and gates. They’re easily transported from place to place. So you can have them ready to use as soon as they’re plugged in.

There are many benefits to having a booth that’s easy to transport. They’re easy to order, and do not require assembly since they’re ready to go almost as soon as they’re set on the ground. You don’t have to deal with on-site construction either. They’re ready to use almost immediately and have super fast lead times. Our booths are fork lift able or can be moved with a crane as well. So if you need to move them to another spot you can.

What are Other Uses for Portable Guard Booths?

Our booths are built out of low cost, highly durable materials. So you can rest assured your security personnel are as safe as possible. Our portable booths can be used in other ways as well. Offering a wide variety of versatility you can’t find in traditional constructed booths.

Just to name a few possible applications our booths can be used for are:

  • Machine or Equipment Enclosures
  • Material Storage Units
  • Consultant Space
  • Lookout/Observation Towers
  • Attendant Booths
  • Guard Houses and In-plant Offices.

Our booths are also excellent for construction sites. Sometimes there are certain tools or equipment you can’t have laying around on the site. Having a place where your employees can store the equipment and tools safely is a must. So when they arrive back on site the following day they can get back to work as soon as possible.

Our pre-built system are also perfect for giving your employees a place to relax and be safe as well. Many booths can have an adjoining bathroom or waiting room for maximum comfort. With our booths you have a choice of custom security features to fit your needs. We understand the need for location requirements and safety. Our booths will give your security personnel maximum visibility, comfort, and utility. You can also choose your own level of security along with custom designs and styles as well. So no matter where you move your booth it will fit in with its surroundings.

What are the Benefits of a Ballistic Guard House?

Ballistic Guard HouseOur ballistic guard booths are built to deal with dangerous areas. Constructed out of durable, low maintenance materials. Your booth will have a longevity you can’t find anywhere else. Their built to be tough, safe, and comfortable. Your security officers can enjoy a high level of comfort and security hard to find in other booths. Sliding doors and windows can make the booth easy to access and highly convenient. Along with enhanced visibility in a high risk environment.

Our ballistic booths come with a variety of features too. Just like our other booths that are portable. Ourballistic booths are fork and crane lift able with a steel base. These features include:

  • All levels of UL and NIJ Ballistic Protection
  • Fork/Crane Liftable Steel Base
  • Lightening Protection, PA, and Security Systems
  • Offered in a Variety of Sizes and can be Painted Your Custom Color
  • Insulated and Weather Proof with HVAC Systems
  • Available in Shed, Gable, or Hip Roof

If you’re worried about your booth fitting into your architectural setting, don’t be. We have a wide variety of colors, custom roofs, and facades for you to choose from. So your booth will blend in with the existing architecture. With a portable booth you have fast mobilization at a moment’s notice. They’re one of the best solutions for guarding multiple entrances and gates too.